One Photo Monday

January 26, 2009

Hello my loyal readers,

Hope you all had a lovely Monday. We had some more ups and downs at work today – seems to be a weekly occurrence! Overall, I had a fairly nice start to the week.

After work, I knocked out 8k (7 run, 1 walk) and then some weights, basically simulating Jillian Michaels’ routine, but at the gym. 

I made a trip over to Shoppers’, then perused the magazines at Chapters. Nothing like reading for free! 🙂

Dinner was easy tonight – maple salmon and leftover roasted veggies.


Hence the title – easy meal, easy post!

I had a little dessert (sin bowl with gummi bears and Nibs, amounting to 150kcal) while watching streaming Gossip Girl. I’ve found a great site and I’m excited to try the show! It’s the perfect pastime for Graham-free evenings! Oh, well, except that I’m supposed to be stripping the dresser and bookshelf, in preparation for painting this weekend. And there’s Daring Bakers to finish. And skis/snowboard to pick up. And ironing napkins. Ah well, guess that can be done tomorrow!

Night, all. Sleep well!


What have I been up to?

December 20, 2008

Dinner last night was quiet and tasty.


I took a photo of one assembled jam cookie for you to see. All the rest will be put together right before giving them.


Meh, not the best at all. The recipe was from the Martha Stewart Christmas special magazine. I won’t even bother posting it. I was disappointed.

This morning, I had French Toast. Three pieces. Yum.


Graham had an omelette, but I’m not a big fan of eggs.

We went out for errands, getting ready to have Graham’s parents and grandmother for dinner.

For lunch, we bought “Montreal” bagels. They were quite good – fairly close in taste to true Montreal bagels. I think I’ll get them again!


Back later with a dinner recap!


December 18, 2008

Hello loyal readers. Today was my last work day of the week – yipee! We had a pizza lunch & Secret Santa at work – I got a beautiful scarf/shawl that I’m going to keep at my desk for when I’m cold.

I ran a solid 10.6k after work today. Yipee for me. It’s a yipee kind of day.

We’re supposed to get a dumping of snow tonight, so we’ll see what that means for Graham’s drive tomorrow. He’s now home for 5 weeks… yay auto industry and forced shutdown. He has to take 6 unpaid days, which isn’t the end of the world.

Anyway, on to dinner!


That’s a green pepper/tomato/turkey/Swiss cheese salad with balsamic mustard vinaigrette. Oh, toast on the side.


After dinner snack 🙂

Well, I’m going to relax (tv and reading), then tomorrow will be a big day – baking, running, getting gifts, wrapping, snow!! (can I get another yipee?!?)

Happy Thursday to you!

Last night (eep)

December 18, 2008

I was given a ticket to the Toronto Raptors game through work. I went to the gym for a really quick 5.8k, rushed home to shower and change and then took the subway down.

The view was great from the box, with tasty food and my closest co-workers. It was lots of fun! (sorry, no pictures!)

I had…

– 2 Carlsberg beers
– maybe about 20 chips
– 2 pieces of sushi
– 2 chicken fingers
– 2 chicken wings
– a mini bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon
– a Haagen-Dasz  ice cream bar

Wow, I was full on the subway home! I pretty much crawled into bed with my book.

Today is my Friday… yipee! We’re having a pizza lunch & Secret Santa. I will be sure to make it a long workout today!

Happy Thursday to you!

Believe it or not… this happened to me…

December 16, 2008

An admin assistant in our dept. (“Susie”) gave my name and a co-worker’s name to participate in a meeting regarding some changes that will be made to our part of the office. This morning was the call. There was also a Webex (basically a presentation hosted by someone, that you can see on your computer). My co-worker sent me a private message through Webex. I assumed that the message window was ONLY with my co-worker. A la Messenger. Um, not so much. I sent a snarky message back to my co-worker, saying ” “Susie” must secretly hate us, for giving our names to this meeting.” OH… YES… that was sent to the entire meeting. Thank goodness it was just me, my co-worker, the meeting host (who works in the States and I will have no contact with her, ever) and two vendors (will never have contact with them, either). But suffice it to say, I was mortified. So, to all my friends out there: make sure you are not sending sarcastic comments to THE ENTIRE MEETING.

Back to the food…

After my mortifying moment this morning and an utter CRISIS on that project that JUST FINISHED last week, I decided I deserved French Toast for dinner.


Yup, that’s three pieces. And I had another clementine. Also some candy cane ice cream.

Ayayaye… I hope I sleep through the night. I feel really, really stressed. Can’t wait til Friday… I have the day off and Graham comes home for three weeks.

Oh – I promised you a post about our upcoming trip, right? Ok, tomorrow. I just want to watch Sarah’s House and then get into bed… night.

Where was I…

December 14, 2008

Graham and I had a great Saturday afternoon – took the subway downtown, walked lots, looked in shops, had a coffee pit-stop. Such a nice afternoon together.

We went to dinner at Graham’s parents’ last night and played with his adorable, 6 month old as of yesterday nephew. 

This morning we were up around 8:30. Breakfast was French Toast!


I had another third of a piece, as well as the other half of the banana. I think breakfast is my favourite meal – Graham and I relax, have coffee… it’s so nice.

We went out looking for more tree decorations. Here it is! (so far)


For lunch, we had leftovers of the salad that we took to Graham’s parents’ las night…


The recipe can be found here

We went back out to Mississauga today for a little visiting. Graham went home from there. He will be home this Friday for three weeks! We also booked our trip this afternoon: leaving New Years Eve for Stuttgart, Germany, St. Anton, Austria and Zitec, Czech Republic. I’ll fill you in on more tomorrow.

I was planning on going to the gym this evening, but got home around 8 and just wanted dinner. I had frozen stew with a piece of really tasty bread. And here is my new butter dish, too!



Cute, eh? $6.97 at Pottery Barn. His other ear is a little chipped, but you can hardly tell.

I’m now catching up on my Google Reader, enjoying hot chocolate and a clementine and watching Santa Claus 2 in the the background. Happy Sunday evening!

Yay for the afternoon off

December 11, 2008

I had a half day of vacation just hanging around, so I decided to take it today.

Left work at 12, stopped at Michael’s.

Came home for lunch.


Aren’t you proud?!? I ground the beans, frothed the milk and made the coffee! Wasn’t as good as Graham’s, but I do what I can. Sort of random, but that’s two oat banana muffins. 

I headed out to Yorkdale and was quite successful! I had a few more errands to do after that – return to Canadian Tire, Chapters, etc… I considered that my exercise today. After four days in a row, and a particularly long workout yesterday, I decided to take a day off.

Here was dinner…


Check out our new napkins! $1.97 each at Pottery Barn today. They only had two left, but ah well, they will be for the two of us! That’s why I switched out to the summer mats, so I could show off my bargain!

Here’s a close-up on dinner…


Shrimp, brown rice and carrots, with garlic, sesame oil and soy sauce!

Looking forward to CSI tonight, though Grissom leaves… I wonder what will happen to the show? 

Enjoy your evening, whatever you’re up to!