Yay for the afternoon off

December 11, 2008

I had a half day of vacation just hanging around, so I decided to take it today.

Left work at 12, stopped at Michael’s.

Came home for lunch.


Aren’t you proud?!? I ground the beans, frothed the milk and made the coffee! Wasn’t as good as Graham’s, but I do what I can. Sort of random, but that’s two oat banana muffins. 

I headed out to Yorkdale and was quite successful! I had a few more errands to do after that – return to Canadian Tire, Chapters, etc… I considered that my exercise today. After four days in a row, and a particularly long workout yesterday, I decided to take a day off.

Here was dinner…


Check out our new napkins! $1.97 each at Pottery Barn today. They only had two left, but ah well, they will be for the two of us! That’s why I switched out to the summer mats, so I could show off my bargain!

Here’s a close-up on dinner…


Shrimp, brown rice and carrots, with garlic, sesame oil and soy sauce!

Looking forward to CSI tonight, though Grissom leaves… I wonder what will happen to the show? 

Enjoy your evening, whatever you’re up to!


2nd half of the weekend

November 30, 2008

2nd half implies that it is now over 😦

Ayayaye. I am not looking forward to work tomorrow.

Saturday’s dinner was steak, salad and baguette.


We headed out about 8:30 to a housewarming party at my director’s house. I thought there’d be some munchies, so we ate a full dinner. Well, turns out there was food galore! We both ate way too much! Home around 1:15, we both hoped for a good sleep.

But no. The neighbour’s alarm was going off again! I have to write that note…

For breakfast, we both wanted something small. I made some bran muffins…


We finally finished the ottoman cover! I will post pictures tomorrow – will take them in the daylight.

In the afternoon, we went out to Mississauga. Lunch was homemade soup and cheese and bread at Graham’s parents’ house. We then went to visit everyone over at his sister’s.

He left for Sarnia about 3:30. I didn’t want him to go. Since then, I’ve been to the bank and Walmart, made soup, finished two loads of laundry, made and ate dinner and watched Amazing Race.


The veggie lasagna was stolen from Graham’s parents’ – leftovers!


Yes, Graham, I ate the other half of the St Honore! Couldn’t let a good desert go to waste.

Time for bed now, I guess. Hope you had a great weekend. Hope your Monday starts your week off well.

Warning: unhealthy dinner coming up

November 13, 2008

I bought an avocado at the store on the weekend. Yesterday, while buying the (unhealthy) ice cream at the store, I saw a display of (unhealthy) chips and the idea of chips and guacamole for dinner was born! I did have another goat cheese/pecan/pear salad, too.



By the way, this was one serving of chips (18). I might have had a few more before dinner, and a few after dinner…

I also had a toasted pumpkin muffin – yum!

Tomorrow’s Friday and what does that mean? $1.80 turkey sandwich from the caf (my Friday tradition). Oh ya, and Graham comes home. That’s a little better than a turkey sandwich. Very happy about that 🙂

Happy almost Friday!

Happy Hump Day

November 12, 2008

Totally forgot it was Wednesday! My boss reminded me that I should be getting ready for spinning at 4:45 – I was thinking Monday, I guess. Since we both work out, we remind each other to go and encourage each other to make it to the gym. It works well!

My sister came over after work to borrow my car back from me. We had an easy dinner of spaghettini with (frozen) homemade spaghetti sauce. For salad, we had a variation of the goat cheese salad from my potluck last week – romaine lettuce, pecans, pears, goat cheese and oil/vinegar dressing. Yum! Sorry, no pictures…

I needed to get cash back, so used that as an excuse to get some ice cream!


it was just a small taste, hence the hand.

This is President’s Choice Candy Cane ice cream. President’s Choice is another one of Loblaws’ brands – Tina @ Carrots n Cake had a guest post from Tania today all about Loblaws.

I also couldn’t resist a punkin muffin. I heated it and had without apple butter – just wanted the muffin.


Since I’m taking the subway and Viva to work tomorrow, I’ve got to get my bags all packed tonight. Should probably be leaving the house around 6:45… eep! Sounds early! Night!

Great evening!

November 10, 2008

Hello all! The after-work part of my day has been great!

First, the food round-up (day 1 of being accountable)!

Breakfast – 2 packages oatmeal, tea
Lunch – english muffin with butter, turkey soup


Snack – Halloween mini chocolate bar and two small Lindt chocolate balls; Kashi bar before the gym

After work, I had a great run! I set the treadmill for 30 minutes and forgot to let the time tick up – to try Heather’s workout trick. I’ll try to remember Wednesday. Anyway, I had a great (fast!) run and then did some abs.

After getting home, I made Tina‘s pumpkin muffins.


I only made half the recipe – I’m saving the other half of the egg for pancakes tomorrow!

Then, on to dinner. I figured my first (weeknight) alone shouldn’t be a cop-out meal. I had salmon, brussels sprouts and an english muffin with goat cheese. Yum!



I had about two-thirds of the salmon and had some brussels sprouts left in the steamer pot, so will save those for tomorrow. What a tasty dinner!

Now – I am relaxing with Dancing with the Stars. I’m having a muffin with Graham’s parents’ apple butter jam – very tasty! Oh, and tea too. I have tomorrow off (Remembrance Day in Canada, and I work for a bank) and can’t wait! I know it was just the weekend, but I have lots of things to do. On the list? Pancake breakfast, ironing, reading, watching Lipstick Jungle, run… hmm, some other stuff too, but don’t remember!

Hope you’re having a great evening!

Back at it

October 6, 2008

Work, that is! But, I have more interesting things to show and talk about!

I thought I looked particularly nice at work today, so I tried to take a self-portrait. Considering we don’t have a full-length mirror, it was a little hard! But here I am…

Ok, so I don’t think that photo really makes me look good! But ah well, it’s a food diversion!

I wasted a little time on the internet with a muffin…

Then, I made that recipe – the one you see above – from the latest Food & Drink Magazine from the LCBO. We’re having that tomorrow night, so stay tuned!

Graham came home and we debated going out for a few errands, but instead we looked at my new sewing machine. Ta da!

When my Grandma moved from Montreal to Calgary this summer, she was going to throw this out. I saved it! She is slightly crazy, though, and had thrown away the cord, so I went to the Singer store near us and got a new (well, used, and costly!) cord. Graham and I were looking at it, and realized that I also need a piece for the bobbin. I guess that’s next to get. My top upcoming projects are a deep purple velvet cover for the ottoman and curtains for the bedroom. I’ll keep you posted!

Next, it was on to dinner. I had seen Spinach Florentine Pasta on Kath’s blog and wanted to have that. I bought goat cheese on sale, so it was the perfect meal!

Very tasty! I think next time, I would defrost the spinach and squeeze out some of the water. It was too liquid-y, and I think that would help. I would also have something on the side or maybe include chicken? But, Graham enjoyed it, and that’s the true test when I experiment!

Am taking a little time for some Dancing with the Stars and blog reading and will have a little desert soon!

And finally… our three little pumpkins!