Night in

November 1, 2008

Evening, ladies and gents! Here is my Saturday run-down…

For breakfast, we had French Toast. Yes, same as last weekend. But it was tasty!

That’s two and a half pieces of tastiness!

Also this morning, I watched CSI, the start of Lipstick Jungle and washed and dried two loads of clothes. Oh, and a little cleaning.

Around 1:30, we went downtown to meet Graham’s cousins for lunch. They’re in town for the weekend. We went out for a very tasty meal – I had a burger (ate 3/4) that came with coleslaw. I also snagged some of Graham’s fries.

After that, we went over to his sister’s house. The other sister had just arrived as well, so we played with all the kids, ate some candy… it was nice!

I tried to run on the treadmill in the building, but someone was already there. I went for a chilly 5k outside, by myself. Graham was[is] doing law school apps.

For dinner, we defrosted some spaghetti sauce and had that with a really yummy salad – lettuce with Craisins, feta and pumpkin seeds!

Gonna kick back with Lipstick Jungle and some candy. Night!


Hump Day

September 24, 2008

As I intimated earlier, work is sucking right now for both of us. I’m just crazy-busy every minute of every day, but Graham’s actually in a worse position. Not sure how much I should/want to say, but his industry is really struggling, which in turns means his company is too. We are lucky that we have lots of options open to us, I guess you’d say… young, no children, flexibility, etc. This is why his LSAT studying is so important. I am looking forward to having our evenings and weekends back – for eating with friends, apple picking, watching movies.

On a happier topic: I am watching Dancing with the Stars again! It’s the results show, so I can watch out of the corner of my eye.

Now, dinner!

We made a quick dinner – frozen spaghetti sauce that was reserved for a night just like this! With a quick salad, we had a tasty meal.

It really is fall – I’m amazed at how dark it is out the window. But as I said, I’m looking forward to doing things like apple picking, turkey and stuffing, wearing tights and cozy sweaters, fall walks. Ahh, now I’m excited! I like all four seasons equally, because they’re all so different. What about you, my loyal blog readers?? Are you excited for fall, then winter??!!