About us

This is us! Graham and me

I named the blog Hare and Tortoise because that really reflects our personalities. I am fast and always want to get stuff done, items checked off my list, to the next task. Graham is slower (read: a procrastinator!) and that does irritate me lots. But, he takes the time to enjoy what he’s doing. And he’s not phased by plan changes or unexpected events. And… he always seems to benefit from his procrastination, which is so maddening!

We live in Toronto, where we always seem to be busy – be it with work, friends, family, traveling, eating or cooking! I had intended this blog to be a bit different from the blogs that I read because I’d wanted to post and compare our meals. One is always hungry, eats lots and often, while the other one eats less and healthier options (most of the time!). I think the blog will evolve, as it has already, and we’ll see what I’m left with!

Well, that was back in August… if you’ve been reading the blog, you’ll know that Graham lives in Sarnia from Monday ’til Thursday for work. Comparing meals is not at all possible! I like writing and posting photos about my hobbies – food, running and traveling. Oh, and our weekend adventures together, almost always including great breakfasts and coffee by the master! 



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  1. Ha! Kinda sounds a little like me and Mark, except he is neat and organized and I am kinda messy. I am definitely go go go and he is more at his own pace.

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