Believe it or not… this happened to me…

An admin assistant in our dept. (“Susie”) gave my name and a co-worker’s name to participate in a meeting regarding some changes that will be made to our part of the office. This morning was the call. There was also a Webex (basically a presentation hosted by someone, that you can see on your computer). My co-worker sent me a private message through Webex. I assumed that the message window was ONLY with my co-worker. A la Messenger. Um, not so much. I sent a snarky message back to my co-worker, saying ” “Susie” must secretly hate us, for giving our names to this meeting.” OH… YES… that was sent to the entire meeting. Thank goodness it was just me, my co-worker, the meeting host (who works in the States and I will have no contact with her, ever) and two vendors (will never have contact with them, either). But suffice it to say, I was mortified. So, to all my friends out there: make sure you are not sending sarcastic comments to THE ENTIRE MEETING.

Back to the food…

After my mortifying moment this morning and an utter CRISIS on that project that JUST FINISHED last week, I decided I deserved French Toast for dinner.


Yup, that’s three pieces. And I had another clementine. Also some candy cane ice cream.

Ayayaye… I hope I sleep through the night. I feel really, really stressed. Can’t wait til Friday… I have the day off and Graham comes home for three weeks.

Oh – I promised you a post about our upcoming trip, right? Ok, tomorrow. I just want to watch Sarah’s House and then get into bed… night.


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