random food, random post.

September 30, 2008


  1. Run: Instead of going to Running Room, I ran on my own after getting home from work. My regular route is 6.4km and it’s a speedy way to get in a little exercise. While running, I saw a woman whose shoes still had a sticker/price tag stuck to the bottom. Please, please, please! Take the sticker/price tag off the bottom of your shoes! That goes for all of you!
  2. Home: Here is a picture of our new spice bar! Graham hung it up on the weekend, and I forgot to show you!
  3. Dinner: It’s me alone again tonight, and there wasn’t anything in the fridge for dinner. I debated on pancakes, but thought I should go a little healthier. Tada!
  4. (or 3b) Dinner, Part II: The egg was a little weird (soft boiled), so I chucked that and had a few crackers with PB. 
  5. Relaxing: Catching up on blogs, just about to start Amazing Race (PVR’d from Sunday night).
  6. What about you??

Home on a Monday!

September 15, 2008

Well, not totally relaxing… I am working from home this morning. We have a team event this afternoon and evening, so I’m home for now. I’m driving with a colleague and we have to leave around 11.

I had a coffee with Graham this morning, and am now sitting down with my breakfast.

Better get to work! I probably won’t take any food photos today, but will post late tonight when I get home. Have a great day!