Lazy Tuesday

November 11, 2008

This is the life! Well, I say that… it would be pretty lonely to lead the exact life that I had today. It was lots of alone time! But, it is nice to have a Tuesday to myself – with no work in sight!

I had a great shopping trip at Yorkdale, buying two skirts, a turtleneck and earrings. Pretty good!

I came home to a quick left-over lunch.



I’ve had a pretty chill afternoon – the bank, the shoe repair man, my book (finally finished Breaking Dawn!), two episodes of Lipstick Jungle. 


Great dinner! Even though the sweet potato fries were a tad crispy! I’m now relaxing with my hot water bottle [side note: I think there is something wrong with our heat…] and Dancing with the Stars. I always said I wanted peace and quiet from Graham’s comments on results night, but I wish he was here! Ah well, Friday will come soon…



Great evening!

November 10, 2008

Hello all! The after-work part of my day has been great!

First, the food round-up (day 1 of being accountable)!

Breakfast – 2 packages oatmeal, tea
Lunch – english muffin with butter, turkey soup


Snack – Halloween mini chocolate bar and two small Lindt chocolate balls; Kashi bar before the gym

After work, I had a great run! I set the treadmill for 30 minutes and forgot to let the time tick up – to try Heather’s workout trick. I’ll try to remember Wednesday. Anyway, I had a great (fast!) run and then did some abs.

After getting home, I made Tina‘s pumpkin muffins.


I only made half the recipe – I’m saving the other half of the egg for pancakes tomorrow!

Then, on to dinner. I figured my first (weeknight) alone shouldn’t be a cop-out meal. I had salmon, brussels sprouts and an english muffin with goat cheese. Yum!



I had about two-thirds of the salmon and had some brussels sprouts left in the steamer pot, so will save those for tomorrow. What a tasty dinner!

Now – I am relaxing with Dancing with the Stars. I’m having a muffin with Graham’s parents’ apple butter jam – very tasty! Oh, and tea too. I have tomorrow off (Remembrance Day in Canada, and I work for a bank) and can’t wait! I know it was just the weekend, but I have lots of things to do. On the list? Pancake breakfast, ironing, reading, watching Lipstick Jungle, run… hmm, some other stuff too, but don’t remember!

Hope you’re having a great evening!

Back at it

October 25, 2008

Sorry ’bout that! Here is my 24 hour recap:

Friday after work
We tried to go for a run, but I was having some leg pains. We probably walked 3k, ran 3k. I don’t really know what was wrong, but I just couldn’t do it!
Graham wanted oysters and fries for dinner, but I wanted a little more substance – had a leftover piece of chicken, about 10 fries, 3 oysters and salad.

A look at the oysters…

(Yes, we shared a bottle of white wine… the entire bottle!)

Saturday Breakfast
We put some bread out last night to stale up [is that a term?], so that we could have french toast today…

Latte art (sort of) 

We then went out to Wal-Mart [our toaster was recalled due to faulty elements], the Beer Store [returns and a case of DAB] and Ikea [frames for above the sofa and new cushion covers].

Saturday Lunch
Suffice it to say, we were both starving and crabby by 1:30. We had leftover chicken and some brussels sprouts, with a toasted whole wheat english muffin on the side [not in the photo].

A look at our little pumpkins too!

Graham’s university roommate is stopping in around 5:30, on his way back to Ottawa, so I think we’ll hang around here for the rest of the afternoon. I’m going to catch up on my blogs and cross a few more things off my to-do list… maybe watch some of my PRV’d shows too!

See ya later! 

My weekend

October 5, 2008

Sorry for this short hiatus! We had a lot going on over the past 24+ hours.

Where did I leave off… 

Saturday lunch

Next, I went looking in some stores, got Starbucks, took my sewing machine in, picked up Graham, went to Le Baron, and then came home. The coffee left me really jittery, so I had food right away when we were home. Next was a 6k – didn’t feel so hot, at all. My hip, my leg, my stomach, my jittery self!

We went to Graham’s sister’s house for dinner – had Korean BBQ. Very tasty! We went by City Hall to see the Nuit Blanche display on the way home. It was pretty cool!

Today, we were supposed to do 20k, but neither of us were in 100% mental or physical shape. We did 10k instead.

Breakfast was french toast (photo mid-meal!)…

And coffee.

Up for the afternoon?

Raiding Graham’s parent’s vegetable and herb garden.
Grocery shopping & laundry.
Apple picking with his dad, his sister, her husband and their kids.
Dinner with the above group.

Tomorrow? Monday… no… really don’t want to think about that. Hope you had a great weekend, full of fun!

random food, random post.

September 30, 2008


  1. Run: Instead of going to Running Room, I ran on my own after getting home from work. My regular route is 6.4km and it’s a speedy way to get in a little exercise. While running, I saw a woman whose shoes still had a sticker/price tag stuck to the bottom. Please, please, please! Take the sticker/price tag off the bottom of your shoes! That goes for all of you!
  2. Home: Here is a picture of our new spice bar! Graham hung it up on the weekend, and I forgot to show you!
  3. Dinner: It’s me alone again tonight, and there wasn’t anything in the fridge for dinner. I debated on pancakes, but thought I should go a little healthier. Tada!
  4. (or 3b) Dinner, Part II: The egg was a little weird (soft boiled), so I chucked that and had a few crackers with PB. 
  5. Relaxing: Catching up on blogs, just about to start Amazing Race (PVR’d from Sunday night).
  6. What about you??