Believe it or not… this happened to me…

December 16, 2008

An admin assistant in our dept. (“Susie”) gave my name and a co-worker’s name to participate in a meeting regarding some changes that will be made to our part of the office. This morning was the call. There was also a Webex (basically a presentation hosted by someone, that you can see on your computer). My co-worker sent me a private message through Webex. I assumed that the message window was ONLY with my co-worker. A la Messenger. Um, not so much. I sent a snarky message back to my co-worker, saying ” “Susie” must secretly hate us, for giving our names to this meeting.” OH… YES… that was sent to the entire meeting. Thank goodness it was just me, my co-worker, the meeting host (who works in the States and I will have no contact with her, ever) and two vendors (will never have contact with them, either). But suffice it to say, I was mortified. So, to all my friends out there: make sure you are not sending sarcastic comments to THE ENTIRE MEETING.

Back to the food…

After my mortifying moment this morning and an utter CRISIS on that project that JUST FINISHED last week, I decided I deserved French Toast for dinner.


Yup, that’s three pieces. And I had another clementine. Also some candy cane ice cream.

Ayayaye… I hope I sleep through the night. I feel really, really stressed. Can’t wait til Friday… I have the day off and Graham comes home for three weeks.

Oh – I promised you a post about our upcoming trip, right? Ok, tomorrow. I just want to watch Sarah’s House and then get into bed… night.



December 4, 2008

Sorry for not posting dinner in the evenings, readers. I have been so tired lately that I fall asleep on the sofa every night. Then I get into bed and try to read, but fall asleep with the light on. Then I wake up around 1-ish and turn it off. Sometimes I sleep fitfully through til 6:30. Other nights, like last night, I wake up obsessing over my project that’s slightly off the rails. Can’t wait til it’s finished!

What did yesterday/last night look like?

I finally left my desk around 6. A co-worker and I convinced each other to go to the gym, even it was already late. My rationale these days is that I come home to an empty apartment and just end up eating and watching tv, so I might as well take 40 minutes at the gym.

Home around 7:15, I quickly made pancakes! A great comfort meal!


After dinner, I opened 3 on my calendar and found this…


Cute, eh? You can see our German magnets on the fridge!

For the rest of the evening, I finished the Candy Cane Ice Cream while reading and watching Election.

Now I’m off to catch up on last night’s Google Reader before heading to work. Have a great Thursday!

December 2 (actually December 3)

December 3, 2008

Here are my advent chocolates so far:



I will keep adding and opening 🙂

Dinner was preceded  by too many peanuts, so I wasn’t fully hungry for a really tasty dinner… 


For dessert, I managed to squeeze in (too much) candy cane ice cream.

(By the way, I’d eaten very well all day… oatmeal for breakfast; buttnernut squash soup, a homemade, small bran muffin and an apple for lunch; banana for snack)

What does today bring?!?

‘Twas the day before Friday…

November 20, 2008

Happy Thursday, everyone! This was the scene in Mississauga today…


Quite a nice morning! I had the doctor at 9:15 [who sent me for an x-ray and told me to see a physio for my hip] and the dentist at 11 [just a cleaning]. I high-tailed it back to the apartment to work from home for the afternoon.

Here was my lunch…


That’s 1/2 c. oatmeal with 1/2 c. milk, 1/2 c. water. 1/2 a banana mixed in with cinnamon and walnuts, then peanut butter on top. The verdict? Not my favourite! Couldn’t finish it, to be honest. I found it too sweet with the PB, I think. I’m not sure I’m really able to eat oats anymore…

Sidenote: Sarah tends to eat things so often that she gets sick of them. And then cannot eat them anymore. This happened with peanut butter in high school. This happened with Quaker Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal during the first two years of university. This now has happened with oats/banana/cinnamon combination after eating that nearly everyday last year, from about September to May.

It pains me to say this, since Tina, Kath and Rose – all well known for their love of oats – all adore the oats and PB combo. Just not for me, I say!

My afternoon went ok… had the snow tires put on, read some of my book. Oh yeah, worked too! I snacked on crackers and some w.w. chips throughout the afternoon – not too much, though. Before I knew it, it was 7:35. I made a quick, if slightly less than satisfying, dinner…


And then, the most satisfying part of the meal…


So satisfying, I might have had a 2nd (smaller!) bowl.

Now, I am mid-way through CSI, tea in hand. I wanted to get a good post in before it got too late and I got too lazy.

The plan for the weekend? Graham comes home tomorrow – yay! We are going up to the cottage Saturday – Sunday. It’s supposed to be -6 in Huntsville. The cabin is heated by wood stove. BRRR!

What about you? Any great weekend plans? I hope so!

Night night!

Happy Hump Day

November 12, 2008

Totally forgot it was Wednesday! My boss reminded me that I should be getting ready for spinning at 4:45 – I was thinking Monday, I guess. Since we both work out, we remind each other to go and encourage each other to make it to the gym. It works well!

My sister came over after work to borrow my car back from me. We had an easy dinner of spaghettini with (frozen) homemade spaghetti sauce. For salad, we had a variation of the goat cheese salad from my potluck last week – romaine lettuce, pecans, pears, goat cheese and oil/vinegar dressing. Yum! Sorry, no pictures…

I needed to get cash back, so used that as an excuse to get some ice cream!


it was just a small taste, hence the hand.

This is President’s Choice Candy Cane ice cream. President’s Choice is another one of Loblaws’ brands – Tina @ Carrots n Cake had a guest post from Tania today all about Loblaws.

I also couldn’t resist a punkin muffin. I heated it and had without apple butter – just wanted the muffin.


Since I’m taking the subway and Viva to work tomorrow, I’ve got to get my bags all packed tonight. Should probably be leaving the house around 6:45… eep! Sounds early! Night!

Forgetful me

September 29, 2008

I remembered in the shower this morning that I’d volunteered for a career info session, representing my company, at my old university. So, worked all day, then left the office at 4 to get to McMaster. It was fun being back on campus, answering questions and mingling a little. The students seemed so “young”, for lack of a better word. Not that I’m so old! lol It was just nice to see them ask questions and really want to know about what I do, what it’s like at my company, ask advice.

On my way there, I had a snack…

I had one small bite to eat at the session, but waited til home for dinner…

I’m enjoying Dancing with the Stars on PVR and will catch up on my blogs soon. Hope you’re enjoying your night!

PS – My Monday wasn’t all that bad 😉

Sarah alone = Sarah neurotic

September 20, 2008

Last night I most certainly had a snack!

And I most certainly had a second cookie! 🙂

While I was watching tv, the blinds on our big living room window were partially open. I’m just sitting there and suddenly a laser pointer is on the tv wall, moving around. I thought – hmm, very strange and weird. About 5 minutes later it happened again. I turned off the tv, turned off the lights, shut the blinds, then went back to the tv. I thought it was really weird, but I wasn’t all that freaked out. Until I went to bed, that is. Then, I started at the ceiling in fear! lol It was brutal! I fell asleep fairly quickly, thank goodness!

This morning, I woke up – fine, obviously! I went for a run, but because I was alone with no one to talk to, I thought about work the entire run. It was brutal! I couldn’t get my mind on anything else. This is where the blog title comes in – Sarah alone = Sarah neurotic!! Last night, with the laser pointer, then this morning and thinking of only work. So, I’ve tried to distract myself as much as possible. First, with breakfast.

Then, with the tv and computer.

I’m sitting at the table, with the tv turned towards me. And see the big picture window? That’s where the laser pointer was coming from, from the other building somewhere. Ok, I need to stop talking about that laser pointer!! I’m making myself sound crazy!!

One last note – I had tea with my breakfast this morning. That is because I don’t really know how to work our sophisticated coffee system. This is what it looks like:

See, I had the milk container and my cup and saucer all ready. But then I realized that I haven’t watched Graham use the new grinder (it’s the replacement one that we got on Wednesday). And after that, I was just too lazy to figure it out! So, it was tea instead. (By the way – the cappuccino maker is Graham’s most prized possession! He is coffee obsessed!)

Now I am off to Yorkdale to try and beat the crowds (though it’s a little later than I would have liked – will already be busy, I’m sure), then to the Beer Store for bottle returns, to the store for groceries and toiletries, etc… Then I’ll see! I’ve got to stop at my parents before the engagement party tonight, so I might do a little baking and cooking this afternoon, or watch a movie. See you for lunch!