What have I been up to?

December 20, 2008

Dinner last night was quiet and tasty.


I took a photo of one assembled jam cookie for you to see. All the rest will be put together right before giving them.


Meh, not the best at all. The recipe was from the Martha Stewart Christmas special magazine. I won’t even bother posting it. I was disappointed.

This morning, I had French Toast. Three pieces. Yum.


Graham had an omelette, but I’m not a big fan of eggs.

We went out for errands, getting ready to have Graham’s parents and grandmother for dinner.

For lunch, we bought “Montreal” bagels. They were quite good – fairly close in taste to true Montreal bagels. I think I’ll get them again!


Back later with a dinner recap!



December 18, 2008

Hello loyal readers. Today was my last work day of the week – yipee! We had a pizza lunch & Secret Santa at work – I got a beautiful scarf/shawl that I’m going to keep at my desk for when I’m cold.

I ran a solid 10.6k after work today. Yipee for me. It’s a yipee kind of day.

We’re supposed to get a dumping of snow tonight, so we’ll see what that means for Graham’s drive tomorrow. He’s now home for 5 weeks… yay auto industry and forced shutdown. He has to take 6 unpaid days, which isn’t the end of the world.

Anyway, on to dinner!


That’s a green pepper/tomato/turkey/Swiss cheese salad with balsamic mustard vinaigrette. Oh, toast on the side.


After dinner snack 🙂

Well, I’m going to relax (tv and reading), then tomorrow will be a big day – baking, running, getting gifts, wrapping, snow!! (can I get another yipee?!?)

Happy Thursday to you!

Leftover night

December 16, 2008

Boring dinner post coming up.


I wanted to use up the couscous salad and stew because I’m going out for lunch today.

Prior to dinner, I went to the mall for my drycleaning and to return a skirt. 

Prior to that, I had a pretty good 8.2km run.

Saturday at last

November 29, 2008

Well, Friday was ok too!

We had my sister over for dinner and she and Graham were both already home when I got home. They were starting dinner – pasta with shrimp in a vodka sauce. I made the salad – easy job!


Sorry for the poor photo. I think I was already a little tipsy (vodka cocktail and glass of wine… second one to follow). It was a tasty, excellent meal. 

For dessert, Graham picked up his favourite cakes – a piece of dobos (a Hungarian cake) and a St. Honore. I had a small piece of dobos.


I fell asleep on the sofa pretty early – very uneventful night!

This morning, we had waffles!


I had another half. 🙂

We went out for some errands this morning, did a few jobs, etc…

For lunch, I had two little sandwiches: both BLTs.


We’re sort of having a quiet day, which is nice considering the past few Saturdays!

Hope you’re relaxing today, too!

Double post

November 22, 2008

Morning everyone!

Graham made it back from Sarnia yesterday, on very treacherous roads… I went to the gym after work where even though my leg/hip hurt, I managed to do 40 minutes on the treadmill – about 7.5 kilometers. Not too bad! It hurts today, though…

For dinner


Sorry about the really bad picture! I ate wayyyy too much bread! But it was tasty 🙂



I had three or four crepes, I think.

We’re off to Muskoka til tomorrow, so see you then!

Good morning instead of good evening!

November 19, 2008

Sorry for no post last night! Just got lazy, I guess!

Anyway, when I got home from work, I snacked on some w.w. chips. I’ve been meaning to get a Toronto library card for awhile, so I finally went over yesterday. It’s a small branch, but cute! I picked up a few books. Lucky it’s so close by!

I had a reading dinner, while eating this…


The soup was so tasty! I have a small container for lunch today.

Guess I’d better get moving. I’m staying over at my parents’ tonight, so I will probably post from there. Have a great day, readers!

Sunday evening, again

November 16, 2008

I’m back! Wow, it’s been a busy few days

Got home from work and started on my ottoman project. I cut the fabric and pinned it to size. Graham called to say he would be late, so I had a snack to tide me over.


Yum! Also had some w.w. chips.

I ran to the store for dinner and then Graham was home sometime around 8.


It was catfish with a lemon sauce – yum! I had a second roll and bought Graham the potato wedges from the prepared foods counter at Loblaws.

Graham slept in til about 9:30 and when he got up, we had waffles…


 I did have the other half of the banana too.

We’d decided to make a bunch of freezer meals, so that Graham doesn’t have to do much cooking during the week. After deciding on our recipes, we went down to the St. Lawrence Market to get the meat. You can get cuts there not found at the grocery store, for great prices. We got chuck and pork chops. We had to go to Longo’s too, for the rest.

Once home, we set about cooking! Because of the christening today, we had to run to Yorkdale for the gift. Wow, what a production that was. A half-hour just to get out of the parking lot. It was insane. We had friends coming for dinner and still had stuff to do!

In the end, we got it all done and had a great meal – bourguinon, salad, bread, wine. Great food and even better company. Sorry, no photos!

We had to resume our cooking once they left. Here is what we made:


  • Beef Bourguignon (12 meals, but ate 4)
  • Braised Chicken (8 meals)
  • Meat Loaf (8 meals)
  • Tuna Casserole (8 meals)
  • Butternut Squash Soup (6 meals)
  • Pork Chops (* did not cook, but will make 6 meals)


That’s 48 meals! Ay ay aye, lots of cooking! But, it went well and now we have lots of tasty food. In terms of cost, we spent about $160 for everything, plus a bunch of other needed items, like oatmeal, fruit and veggies, hors d’oeuvres for dinner, etc… We think it breaks out to an average of less than $3 a meal.

Up at 7:30 this morning… Graham’s nephew was being christened today and he is the godfather! We had french toast for breakfast, with left over french bread from last night.


 After church, about 20 family and friends were back at Graham’s parents’ house for lunch. I had a ham and swiss sandwich on a w.w. roll, a few pieces of smoked salmon and some desserts. 

After Graham’s parents’, we went to my parents’ house. We hung out with my sister a little, did some Wii Fit, then chatted with my mum when she came back from shopping. 

Around 5:45, we each went our separate ways – me back to the apartment, Graham to Sarnia. I have laundry in right now and will catch up on my blog reading. I’ve got Lipstick Jungle and Amazing Race also on the agenda tonight. I’m a little sad and wish we could be together – especially after a jam-packed weekend… 😦