Pancake Tuesday

November 25, 2008

Yup, that was my dinner!


It was a pear on the side.

I went to check out the Y tonight. It’s literally about a 5 minute walk from the apartment. It seems like a great facility, with a pool, indoor track, all kinds of classes. It is expensive, though, at $55/month. I am debating on it… I would like to start yoga (think it would be good for my hip) and the hours are great (open at 5:30 on weekdays, 7 on weekends). What do you think??

Tomorrow is hump day… yay! We already had Thanksgiving, so I have a full 5 day work week. But, Graham has Friday off, so he’ll be home early this week. Count down has started… Night!


‘Twas the day before Friday…

November 20, 2008

Happy Thursday, everyone! This was the scene in Mississauga today…


Quite a nice morning! I had the doctor at 9:15 [who sent me for an x-ray and told me to see a physio for my hip] and the dentist at 11 [just a cleaning]. I high-tailed it back to the apartment to work from home for the afternoon.

Here was my lunch…


That’s 1/2 c. oatmeal with 1/2 c. milk, 1/2 c. water. 1/2 a banana mixed in with cinnamon and walnuts, then peanut butter on top. The verdict? Not my favourite! Couldn’t finish it, to be honest. I found it too sweet with the PB, I think. I’m not sure I’m really able to eat oats anymore…

Sidenote: Sarah tends to eat things so often that she gets sick of them. And then cannot eat them anymore. This happened with peanut butter in high school. This happened with Quaker Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal during the first two years of university. This now has happened with oats/banana/cinnamon combination after eating that nearly everyday last year, from about September to May.

It pains me to say this, since Tina, Kath and Rose – all well known for their love of oats – all adore the oats and PB combo. Just not for me, I say!

My afternoon went ok… had the snow tires put on, read some of my book. Oh yeah, worked too! I snacked on crackers and some w.w. chips throughout the afternoon – not too much, though. Before I knew it, it was 7:35. I made a quick, if slightly less than satisfying, dinner…


And then, the most satisfying part of the meal…


So satisfying, I might have had a 2nd (smaller!) bowl.

Now, I am mid-way through CSI, tea in hand. I wanted to get a good post in before it got too late and I got too lazy.

The plan for the weekend? Graham comes home tomorrow – yay! We are going up to the cottage Saturday – Sunday. It’s supposed to be -6 in Huntsville. The cabin is heated by wood stove. BRRR!

What about you? Any great weekend plans? I hope so!

Night night!


October 26, 2008

Happy Sunday!

But, back to yesterday first… we had a very productive afternoon at home (cleaned a little, put summer clothes in storage and got out the winter stuff, etc…) before Graham’s old roommate and his girlfriend came over, and Graham’s mum too. She was coming to drop some things off and they happened to all arrive at the same time. Graham’s mum and his old roommate get along really well, so we all chatted for awhile. I made these muffins for them to take on their car ride back to Ottawa…

We have tonnes of pears to use up and Graham’s mum bought more! I really liked the fact that the pear was grated – every bite tasted so good, and it’s a nice change from chunks. I did half all-purpose and half whole-wheat flour, which was a great combo. Everyone thought they were tasty. We gave them some to take in the car, too.

Next it was on to dinner. The four of us went to Swiss Chalet – quick, tasty and reasonable. We had a really nice time, chatting and laughing. They needed to get back to Ottawa, so we were home around 9. I watched Lipstick Jungle (love, love, love the characters on that show!) and Graham looked up Land Rovers on the internet all night.

Now, today. We had… waffles with pears for breakfast. Yup, gotta use up those pears!

I put the caramelized pears on my plate after the photo. I also had an extra quarter.

Graham’s just getting showered and ready for the day now (wrote a really long email to his friend in Belgium), so I’m blogging and watching Thursday’s episode of CSI. We might go visit our mothers this afternoon (dads are both busy, so mothers are alone… we are good kids, aren’t we?!?) or might also go for a hike. The weather forecast does say it’s going to rain, though…

Anyway, hope you have a great Sunday! See you later!

Me, myself and I

October 20, 2008

I had what can only be described as a miserable Monday. I don’t like complaining here because I don’t want to be the whining blogger. Today, though, was one of those days. I was at work from 7:45 til just before 6. It was crazy-busy, with a few fires along the way. Add to that my sore legs and a splitting headache. I never get sick… I don’t know if it’s related to the run, or just being run down.

Graham’s at his parents’ house tonight, so I am relaxing with Dancing with the Stars and the hot water bottle.

Two little BLTs

Pear cake (had a second small one)

I am still planning on posting the recipe, but not tonight. I’m going to just relax and see if I can keep my eyes open to read a little. Sorry for being so depressing – I’m really not normally like this, so when I am, I just feel like garbage. 

Hope I’m back in better spirits (feeling better & less work stress) tomorrow. Sleep well!


September 24, 2008

So, last night, I was googling around and trying to find tips on food photography. I read some great pointers – one piece of advice being to use the macro setting. I was always just sort of using “automatic”, or whatever it defaults too. I tried taking some photos just now, using macro. I like it!

Graham’s on his way home from work now, so we’ll have dinner right when he gets in. Lots of LSAT work to do tonight! I forgot clothes for spinning at home this morning, but I couldn’t have gone anyways – didn’t leave my desk til after 5:30. Then, I really wanted to run, but just wasn’t in to it mentally. It’s been three long days at work – and I expect this to continue, without rest, for the next two months. I shudder as I write that.