Saturday at last

November 29, 2008

Well, Friday was ok too!

We had my sister over for dinner and she and Graham were both already home when I got home. They were starting dinner – pasta with shrimp in a vodka sauce. I made the salad – easy job!


Sorry for the poor photo. I think I was already a little tipsy (vodka cocktail and glass of wine… second one to follow). It was a tasty, excellent meal. 

For dessert, Graham picked up his favourite cakes – a piece of dobos (a Hungarian cake) and a St. Honore. I had a small piece of dobos.


I fell asleep on the sofa pretty early – very uneventful night!

This morning, we had waffles!


I had another half. 🙂

We went out for some errands this morning, did a few jobs, etc…

For lunch, I had two little sandwiches: both BLTs.


We’re sort of having a quiet day, which is nice considering the past few Saturdays!

Hope you’re relaxing today, too!


Me, myself and I

October 20, 2008

I had what can only be described as a miserable Monday. I don’t like complaining here because I don’t want to be the whining blogger. Today, though, was one of those days. I was at work from 7:45 til just before 6. It was crazy-busy, with a few fires along the way. Add to that my sore legs and a splitting headache. I never get sick… I don’t know if it’s related to the run, or just being run down.

Graham’s at his parents’ house tonight, so I am relaxing with Dancing with the Stars and the hot water bottle.

Two little BLTs

Pear cake (had a second small one)

I am still planning on posting the recipe, but not tonight. I’m going to just relax and see if I can keep my eyes open to read a little. Sorry for being so depressing – I’m really not normally like this, so when I am, I just feel like garbage. 

Hope I’m back in better spirits (feeling better & less work stress) tomorrow. Sleep well!

Dinner for One

September 19, 2008

Yup, it’s just me this weekend. Graham has gone up north for until Sunday so I’m hanging out all by myself. After returning a few things to Ikea, I came home and puttered around a little. I had decided on beef stew for dinner, but wanted a crusty roll for the side, so I walked over to the mall. We live literally a stone’s throw from a very nice shopping centre. It’s not the place you’d go to for $49.99 jeans… but rather ball gowns and haute couture. I went to Loblaws and also picked up Larabars on sale – 2 for $3! I walked out the door by the two restaurants and envied everyone inside. I want to be having dinner with someone too! Instead, I came home by myself. 😦

And instead of stew, I had a BLT. Just remembered that we had some frozen bacon and then that way I won’t be too full after dinner to have some ice cream and chocolate chip cookies! 🙂 I think I deserve it after my state the past few days at work…

On tap for tomorrow? Run, breakfast, Yorkdale for fall clothes/house stuff [side note: we are finally getting a Crate & Barrel, but it doesn’t open ’til Sept. 25…], tidy apt., groceries, make Sept. Daring Bakers project. Oh, and engagement party at night!

I found Kevin’s blog, Closet Cooking, today. I had come across it awhile earlier, but then it got lost in the blog shuffle. I’m happy to have found it again because I saw some very tasty meals! And, he’s from Toronto too! Maybe one of those recipes will be added to the list for tomorrow…

Good night! (hope I’m not too scared!!)