Here we go again

December 9, 2008

Another week has begun and since I’m writing this Tuesday morning, it’s already a fifth over!

I had a great run at the gym after work – 8.46km, or 5.1m for FitnessNYC’s running challenge. I am definitely motivated to run longer, knowing that I want to see a good number logged on the Google spreadsheet!

For dinner, I kept it easy – soup and a sandwich.


My sandwich had turkey, Swiss, green pepper (sliced thinly… great for crunch!) and mustard, and the soup was my homemade butternut squash.

Then, I might have had some shortbread… and maybe some red and green jelly beans… but I was working hard, researching our possible January trip. I’ll keep you posted!!

Gotta run now – hope you have a great day!


Rest of my Friday

December 5, 2008

Sorry! The day just got away from me and I haven’t had time to post! So, here goes, from the morning…

I got up around 7:45 (what a nice sleep-in!) and went downstairs to the gym at 8. I did 4 miles on the treadmill, while watching Food Network. That’s definitely the advantage to the gym in the building. I like watching tv while I run.

Breakfast was a weekday breakfast! I wasn’t going to make something fancy just for me…


I did have hot chocolate, so that was a nice change!

The morning was busy… had something to do for work, then went to Yorkdale. I was semi-successful, getting new hand towels for the bathroom (I’ll take a picture in the light tomorrow), but that was about it. I do have some good Christmas ideas now, though… After that, I was off to Bulk Barn and Walmart, where I got mostly baking stuff.

Lunch was simple…


I think I’ve told you this before, but when we were young, we used to have “reading lunches” when the three of us (my mum, my sister and me) all had good books. I ended up finishing my book over lunch – I recommend it for a light read, but not much more than that…

I went back out shopping again after lunch, and got Graham’s Secret Santa gift for the party tomorrow night (guess it’s not so secret!) and also got gifts for his nephews. 

Then, it was off to Twilight! I felt like a big nerd because I was the only one there by myself. I think I fell asleep for a few minutes in the middle, but overall, it was a really captivating movie! My co-worker doesn’t like Edward (thinks that the actor wasn’t the “to die for” Edward from the book…), but I liked him! I wonder when the next film will come out…

I was home around 6:30 and cleaned up – I had stuff everywhere after all my errands. I made gingerbread for the party tomorrow, but no pictures yet… I’ll wait til better light tomorrow. I’ll also post the recipe, because it’s so easy and tasty!

I made a fast and easy dinner: shrimp with veggies and couscous.



After the photo, I mixed it all together and added some soy sauce. Oh, and I couldn’t resist a beer on a Friday night.

Speaking of Friday nights… Graham’s not coming home til tomorrow. We’ll meet in Mississauga and go right to the Christmas party. So, I’m alone! As soon as I finish this post, I’m going to make tea and cut a piece of gingerbread and settle in to Lipstick Jungle.

Hope your Friday night is as relaxing as mine is!

Happy Friday

December 5, 2008

Wow, WordPress has changed! It looks really cool now!

Anyway, back to the food!

Last night, I tried to go to the gym at work, but had forgot to pack my capri gym pants! Oops, can’t very well work out with no pants! Instead, I came home and started some errands. Dinner was quick and easy, but tasty!


That’s turkey with Swiss, lettuce and tomato. Yum! And I enjoyed it while watching Jeopardy – the three day winner is the cutest college student! And he’s so smart too!

I think I fell asleep on the sofa again, but don’t really remember! lol

Today I have the day off! I am going to save posting breakfast til later, because I have to get cracking. The mall’s been open for a half hour already and I bet the parking lot is packed!

See ya!

Well rounded meal

September 12, 2008

Before dinner, let’s talk about my lunch. My $1.80 lunch.

Normally, I pack my own. But last night, I didn’t really feel like it. Nor did I this morning. I’m lucky that my company has a cafeteria, which has fairly good food. I debated on soup, pizza, but just went for an easy sandwich. Toasted bread, turkey, mustard, tomato and lettuce. Total? $1.80. Yup, that’s all!

That’s not the best photo, but you can see what’s inside. It certainly hit the spot! I debated on something with it, but didn’t want anything too junky (cookie, chips, Rice Krispie Square), so I just had tea.

Last minute this afternoon, I made an appointment for a massage at 4:45. Another benefit of my company is a very healthy Health Spending Account, so I can have the cost reimbursed. I stopped quickly at home for some cereal and nuts, then went across the road. My massage felt amazing and I will not wait as long til the next one!

I snacked on just a few more nuts before Graham and I went over to Chapters. We perused the magazines a little – I may go back tomorrow and actually buy some! – before getting Swiss Chalet. Yum! That is where the post title comes from… and I am being sarcastic!

Yes, we had a tv dinner. We got one dinner with fries and the other with salad – so we each had half the fries, but Graham had almost all of the salad. He also eats my skin, which some people might say is the best part… the skin I eat is the little wing, because it’s so crispy! Anyway, enough chicken skin talk – it’s kind of gross if you think too hard about it!!

Now we are relaxing. Graham should be studying, but I think he might be sneaking Spider Solitaire again! We don’t know what’s up tomorrow, but it will include a nice weekend breakfast and a run! Hope you’re having a great Friday night!

PS – Speaking of breakfast… almond butter is everywhere! Kath had it today and now I really want to try it! We have lots of PB, so when we’re out of that, I will get some AB!