Long time no post!

September 8, 2008

Well, hello again! Back to yesterday first…

I had a relaxing afternoon while Graham studied. We both had a short nap around 4:30, then got dinner ready. We had beef fondue, with caesar salad and garlic bread. My parents and sister came over for dinner, and brought the wine. Here they are!

Dinner was very tasty – we haven’t had fondue since Graham’s birthday (it’s his #1 choice for birthday dinner!) and I love garlic bread!

Graham’s godmother and her husband came over for dessert. They are just in town for the weekend, so we had everyone at once. I think they really got along with my parents, and vice versa. Four of the seven dessert guests have iPhones (Graham, my mother and I are the luddites!), so that was the talk of the few hours they were all here. That and travel, sports, hot dogs… random conversations!

Here are the beautiful flowers that they brought!


Today was an excellent Monday! I had a really good day at work, then came home to my book! I am now 2/3 into New Moon. It’s so exciting! I snacked on chips – too many chips – and then peanuts – too many peanuts. As a result, I will be having a small dinner. But I will be saving room for desert! 🙂 Ok, not the best food choices. But… the chips and peanuts are in the past. And I really want peach tart! Look out for it soon…