October 16, 2008

I came home and suggested breakfast for dinner or shrimp fried rice. Graham said he wanted to go over to the mall first. Then, when we were there, we didn’t go anywhere but the grocery store! Totally tricked me. He had a confusing day at work (new job possibility, potentially…) and said that browsing for food would make him feel better. He decided on burgers and (sweet potato) fries.


Earlier today, I wanted a mid-afternoon snack around 3:30. The caf at work normally has Kashi granola bars, and that’s what I’ll get if I haven’t packed an afternoon snack. They didn’t have any today, so I was stumped. I ran into some of my co-workers and one of them told me to get this…

I had spotted it originally after realizing there weren’t any Kashi bars, but was turned off by the “Rainbow” package. But I decided to get it, so we could see what it looked like. I thought it would be coloured Rice Krispies – like at Christmas – but it was like little coloured chips on top. It was a good, small, sweet afternoon snack.


At work, we don’t really have a “lunch break”. I would say at least 50% of the time, we all eat at our desks, individually. When we do eat downstairs together, it’s for half an hour, max. Since we have a cafeteria, we go out for lunch about once a month, or so. Our office has about 3,000 people at it, so it takes a long time to get outside, to a restaurant, drive back, find parking, etc. Up until about a week ago, we all had eaten at our desks for probably all of August, September and the beginning of October. It’s just so busy right now. Graham always says – just take 15 minutes to eat. But, if you’re preping for a 2pm meeting, and then had a morning full of meetings, you don’t really have time to eat downstairs. Even for 15 minutes. And, if I have time, but my colleagues don’t… well, I don’t want to eat alone!

So, my first question to my loyal blog readers: Do you have an “official” lunch break? Do you eat at your desk or away from your desk? How does staying at your desk, eating in a lunchroom/office caf or going out for lunch make a difference in your afternoon?

(I hope at least one person will answer!)


Hump day happiness

October 1, 2008

Another busy day around these parts. Work, then spinning, then home to make dinner. Graham came home tonight, so we made dinner together. He was in the mood for something “warm”…

Chicken, that was braised (I guess) with onions, carrots, herbs, etc. On the side, sweet potatoes (which he enjoyed!) and salad.

Then, for dessert, Graham’s sister made us a pear crumble.

Totally did not need that, nor the gummy worm that followed. But that’s enough for tonight. Might watch tv, or read more. My sister is chomping at the bit for Eclipse, but I just haven’t had enough time to read.