August 29, 2008

Well, we are here at the airport. A bird flew into one of the plane’s engines on its way to Ottawa (the flight was then coming to Toronto, then our flight to Winnipeg), so our flight is delayed two hours. We are scheduled to depart at 23:42, meaning we won’t get to Winnipeg ’til about 1:15 (2:15 TO time, then have to get a cab, etc). Yikes, that’s a long night!

We had a nice dinner with Graham’s parents and sister and three nephews and had salmon, salad and baguette. Now here at the airport, I’ve had more fuzzy peaches and kolac – a Czech desert that Graham’s dad makes. Sorry for the half eaten piece!

And here is Graham!

What a cheesy smile! (You can see the fuzzy peach bag next to him…)

We bought an hour of internet so that we could change our car rental, so this is kind of an added benefit of being delayed – catching up on blogs!

**Forgot to mention: I didn’t get my sunglasses! They had the wrong pair in the wrong box. It was the same style, but black. And I don’t want black! 😦 I will continue to hunt them down next week, or order online I guess…