Sunday night blahs

November 2, 2008

Tina at Carrots n Cake had a great post this morning about Sundays. I should really wake up and enjoy every moment of the day… but instead, I just think “ahh, X hours til bed and the weekend is done” and then the day just ends up being a count down. Bad way of thinking, I know! 

Let’s start at the beginning…

Had some issues making the pancakes – used the wrong sized pan on the wrong sized burner, so they were hard to flip and got a little messy. I’m not used to using the All Clad frying pan because I mostly make pancakes just for me. I use the crepe pan because its low sides make it easy to flip. Anyway, they were still tasty and Graham seemed to enjoy!

I went to Yorkdale and spent a frustrating two hours looking around – and came home with zilch! I think I will go back to Town Shoes sometime this week though…

We had a really easy lunch…

The naan bread was a little freezer burnt, so I only ate a few of the pieces.

Our afternoon was a little random. A survey-taker from Statistics Canada came to the door and I ended up taking the health survey. It took probably about 15 minutes! Graham and I were just going out to Loblaws and on the way there, I got a pair of shoes at Nine West. So I did get something today!

We went for dinner at Graham’s parents’ house, with his sisters and all the kids. We had roast beef, roasted potatoes, broccoli and apple strudel. Yum! We stopped at my parents on the way, too.

Graham is finishing all the law stuff and tomorrow, he’s off to his new job! He’ll be there Monday and Tuesday, but we have a date to watch all the election stuff on Tuesday.

Good luck going back to work tomorrow!


Dessert, Part II

October 13, 2008

Second great Thanksgiving meal in a row! We had fruit salad, turkey, stuffing, carrots, brussels sprouts & cauliflower gratin

, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and apple strudel. Sorry… no pictures. 😦

We were home around 6 and set out on a run about half an hour later. And an amazing run it was! I felt like I was flying, leaving Graham in my dust! 6.2km in 33:15. That’s pretty darn good!

I am on the computer and reading while Graham watches Top Gear. He’s not feeling the best, but I was up for a little food…

Small pumpkin pie and small apple strudel.

Not looking forward to work tomorrow… it’s been a great weekend but wish it could last!

Sleep well!