One Photo Monday

Hello my loyal readers,

Hope you all had a lovely Monday. We had some more ups and downs at work today – seems to be a weekly occurrence! Overall, I had a fairly nice start to the week.

After work, I knocked out 8k (7 run, 1 walk) and then some weights, basically simulating Jillian Michaels’ routine, but at the gym. 

I made a trip over to Shoppers’, then perused the magazines at Chapters. Nothing like reading for free! 🙂

Dinner was easy tonight – maple salmon and leftover roasted veggies.


Hence the title – easy meal, easy post!

I had a little dessert (sin bowl with gummi bears and Nibs, amounting to 150kcal) while watching streaming Gossip Girl. I’ve found a great site and I’m excited to try the show! It’s the perfect pastime for Graham-free evenings! Oh, well, except that I’m supposed to be stripping the dresser and bookshelf, in preparation for painting this weekend. And there’s Daring Bakers to finish. And skis/snowboard to pick up. And ironing napkins. Ah well, guess that can be done tomorrow!

Night, all. Sleep well!


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