random food, random post.

September 30, 2008


  1. Run: Instead of going to Running Room, I ran on my own after getting home from work. My regular route is 6.4km and it’s a speedy way to get in a little exercise. While running, I saw a woman whose shoes still had a sticker/price tag stuck to the bottom. Please, please, please! Take the sticker/price tag off the bottom of your shoes! That goes for all of you!
  2. Home: Here is a picture of our new spice bar! Graham hung it up on the weekend, and I forgot to show you!
  3. Dinner: It’s me alone again tonight, and there wasn’t anything in the fridge for dinner. I debated on pancakes, but thought I should go a little healthier. Tada!
  4. (or 3b) Dinner, Part II: The egg was a little weird (soft boiled), so I chucked that and had a few crackers with PB. 
  5. Relaxing: Catching up on blogs, just about to start Amazing Race (PVR’d from Sunday night).
  6. What about you??

What I am

September 29, 2008

I can’t take amazing, album-worthy photos. I don’t have millions of blog readers. I don’t play an instrument or have artistic talents. I’ve never played team sports. 

I guess that’s what I’m not. But I know what I can do. I can rub Graham on the neck and kiss him when he’s worried about his job. I can call my sister just to say hi and laugh on the phone while we’re both at work. I can run 17.3 kilometers, and I know I can run further. I can daydream, look forward to my future and be thankful for memories that make me smile at no particular time. I can make my blog better every day and be thankful for the readers (even if only a few) who come back to read my next post.

I can try my best at everything I do. Work seems to be over-running my thoughts these days. As I was driving back from Mac, I was thinking about all the things that make me happy. If I try my best, I can make my way through anything. Must remember that!

Forgetful me

September 29, 2008

I remembered in the shower this morning that I’d volunteered for a career info session, representing my company, at my old university. So, worked all day, then left the office at 4 to get to McMaster. It was fun being back on campus, answering questions and mingling a little. The students seemed so “young”, for lack of a better word. Not that I’m so old! lol It was just nice to see them ask questions and really want to know about what I do, what it’s like at my company, ask advice.

On my way there, I had a snack…

I had one small bite to eat at the session, but waited til home for dinner…

I’m enjoying Dancing with the Stars on PVR and will catch up on my blogs soon. Hope you’re enjoying your night!

PS – My Monday wasn’t all that bad 😉

No pictures (of food)

September 28, 2008

Sarah – San Francisco – October 2007

I think that photo makes up for the lack of food!

I went to Yorkdale and scoured Crate and Barrel. There’s lots on my list, but Graham and I need to go together. I bought a few more things at Banana Republic, then came home. Graham and I ran downtown, about 17.04km. It was a great run, except for about the first 4k, when I was irritated and bitchy. Sorry Graham! It was hot! And up hill!

Had to do a little running around after that, but then Graham and I and his cousin went out for sushi. Imagine miso soup, salad, edamame, sushi and maki! Delicious! Am just catching up on Google Reader now, then will probably go to bed early and read. 

Tomorrow is Monday 😦 and I dread going back to work. When will this chaos be over?!? Graham will be sleeping at his parents house in Mississauga tomorrow night, then Wednesday and Thursday too. It’s closer to work, and he can borrow a car from them, which means more study time. Tomorrow night will be Dancing with the Stars, and catching up on Amazing Race and Lipstick Jungle. Can’t wait! Oh, and that will mean that Monday is done! Yay! That’s something to look forward to!

And, finally, something to leave you with…

Sarah and Graham – Muskoka – Winter 2008

Breakfast at 1216

September 28, 2008

Graham stopped by the Hungarian deli on Friday and got breakfast wieners. That’s not really my thing… so I had Cream of Wheat. See pics here!


We decided to change up our usual Sunday run. Graham is doing a full practice test now and I am going to Yorkdale (to Crate and Barrel) for 11 o’clock. When I get back and when Graham is done the test – around 12:30 or so – we will go out for 15k (Graham needs to catch up, so I am bumping back a little). After that, Graham will do another complete test and then we are going out for dinner with his cousin, who is in town for the weekend. Right now, I’ve got laundry in the dryer and I’m going to read some of Eclipse.

And I will leave you with latte art… sort of. Til later!

Crack me up

September 27, 2008

September Daring Bakers

This month’s challenge was hosted by Natalie and Shel. The recipe was Lavash Crackers (check out their sites for the typed-out recipe – I am too lazy!) and the great thing about it was the personalization. Other than the basic recipe, the rest was up to us! As you can see, I went very plain for my crackers. I did half sesame seeds and half Fleur de Sel. For my dip, I totally took the lazy way out – straight avocado!

Here’s what happened: I actually made crackers three weeks ago.

But I forgot to moisten the top, so the seeds didn’t stick. I ate the crackers themselves, over the next few days. 

Then, today, I was reading blogs on Google Reader and saw some challenges already posted! I guess I lost track of the date, so realized that I needed to post asap. The crackers are really easy and fast to make, but at 9 o’clock on a Saturday night… all I want to do is sit like a lump and watch the tv! So, I just put out some avocado. A few crackers were my post-dinner snack…

Might have peach bread too! 🙂

Check out all the other Daring Bakers here!

Two of a kind

September 27, 2008

So, picking up where we left off… the birthday party was great fun – for the kids at least! There were at least 15 of them, jumping in the bouncy castle, running around, eating, laughing. We were the only non-parents there. For lunch, I had half a burger, half a corn, chips (yum!), a few veggies, and a few crackers with hummus. Then cake. Delicious lunch!

We got home around four. I putzed around, then went over to the mall. Banana Republic was having a 30% off sale and I got a sweater, then looked around Chapters. 

While at the mall, I got a bottle of Czechvar. It’s got a really cool story – read about it here!  The town of Budvar is right near Graham’s aunt’s house in the Czech Republic. We sat down to dinner around 8, with our Czechvar! 

The big one and the little one! Guess who…

And, here was dinner – left overs from Thursday night (stew) and Friday night (pasta – but just for Graham).

Guess again!

Here is Graham, eating the salad straight from the bowl!

Stay tuned for another post from me soon… I did a little snacking after dinner. You’ll see…