Double post

November 22, 2008

Morning everyone!

Graham made it back from Sarnia yesterday, on very treacherous roads… I went to the gym after work where even though my leg/hip hurt, I managed to do 40 minutes on the treadmill – about 7.5 kilometers. Not too bad! It hurts today, though…

For dinner


Sorry about the really bad picture! I ate wayyyy too much bread! But it was tasty 🙂



I had three or four crepes, I think.

We’re off to Muskoka til tomorrow, so see you then!


Happy weekend!

October 18, 2008

Last night, Graham and I were going to have fish, but decided on PIZZA instead!

My half was the pepperoni half and Graham’s was the extra cheese and olives. I ate three of four on my side. Here’s another fun Graham fact: he likes to say he doesn’t eat meat on Fridays. This comes from his dad, pretty much, who isn’t really Catholic but decided that they would always eat fish on Fridays. So, that’s what Graham grew up doing. Now, I can sometimes twist his arm to eat Swiss Chalet, and if we were invited somewhere for dinner, he would have whatever was being served. But, he generally goes meat-free on Fridays. It’s funny, too, because I tried to get him to eat my leftover pepperoni piece, but he kept saying no to it – but he says it with this little smirk. Like he knows he’s being difficult. 

Oh, we had beer too. Yum. The movie Graham picked was one he’d PVR’d – Heros of Telemark. As far as movies like that go, it was not bad.

On to today!

Crepes for breakfast…

I had my four filled with slightly softened pears.

I haven’t really talked about this much, but tomorrow is our Half Marathon! I’m getting really excited. It starts from near our house, actually, then goes all the way downtown. My mum is going to come watch and since we’re also running with Graham’s brother in law, his sister and their kids are coming too. Should be lots of fun.

We don’t know what we’re up to yet today, so I’ll probably post later. Have a great Saturday!

Slow Saturday

September 13, 2008

Graham’s off at the library and I am just getting the shopping list organized.

This morning we had crepes! Yum…

We don’t have much in the house for lunch, so for a little pick-me-up, I made myself a bowl of oats. On the stovetop! Very tasty, with banana, vanilla and a little brown sugar. 

I’m going out for an afternoon of shopping. See ya!