Breakfast for one (the other one was sleeping)

December 13, 2008

Yesterday was a great Friday! Potluck lunch, speedy 10k run at the gym after work, out for sushi dinner with Graham. Sorry, no pictures!

Graham worked nights last week, so he is on a messed up sleep schedule. I tried to get him up at 9, but he was too tired. I had pancakes alone…


The rest of the batter is waiting for him. It’s now 11:20 and he’s much more rested and ready to start the day! lol I’ll make him his pancakes soon and then we’ll decide what to do this afternoon.

Hope you have a great Saturday!


2nd half of the weekend

November 30, 2008

2nd half implies that it is now over 😦

Ayayaye. I am not looking forward to work tomorrow.

Saturday’s dinner was steak, salad and baguette.


We headed out about 8:30 to a housewarming party at my director’s house. I thought there’d be some munchies, so we ate a full dinner. Well, turns out there was food galore! We both ate way too much! Home around 1:15, we both hoped for a good sleep.

But no. The neighbour’s alarm was going off again! I have to write that note…

For breakfast, we both wanted something small. I made some bran muffins…


We finally finished the ottoman cover! I will post pictures tomorrow – will take them in the daylight.

In the afternoon, we went out to Mississauga. Lunch was homemade soup and cheese and bread at Graham’s parents’ house. We then went to visit everyone over at his sister’s.

He left for Sarnia about 3:30. I didn’t want him to go. Since then, I’ve been to the bank and Walmart, made soup, finished two loads of laundry, made and ate dinner and watched Amazing Race.


The veggie lasagna was stolen from Graham’s parents’ – leftovers!


Yes, Graham, I ate the other half of the St Honore! Couldn’t let a good desert go to waste.

Time for bed now, I guess. Hope you had a great weekend. Hope your Monday starts your week off well.

Great morning!

November 11, 2008

Ahh, nice being home on a Tuesday!

Woke up, ironed a little, went downstairs to the treadmill for when the gym opens at 8. I did half an hour, then some abs. 

After getting ready, I made myself a pancake breakfast!


Just watched last week’s Amazing Race and now I’m going to catch up on my blogs. Cya!

Me, myself and I Part II

October 22, 2008

I am home alone again tonight! Graham went to one of his company’s plants today, so he’s on the road coming back now. I had another crazy workday today… wasn’t leaving my desk until 6:23. That, considering that I was planning on going to spinning at 4:45. Suffice it to say, my afternoon was long! I was also intending to go to Ikea on my way home, but just didn’t feel like it.

For dinner, I decided on my favourite university lunch – quesadillas. I had one cheddar, green pepper and tomato (the standard). I switched it up on the second and did goat cheese, tomato and spinach. Tasty!

That wasn’t enough of a dinner, so I also had a small bowl of yogurt, with half a banana, a sprinkle of granola and a little honey.

I’m getting ready to watch a few of my shows now, while enjoying a warm cup of tea! I might just have a slice of peach bread defrosting in the oven too!

I’m hoping that tomorrow will be much more calm. I am going out with my colleagues after work, but don’t plan on being out later than dinner time. Hope you had a great day today!


PS – Am planning on trying some new things on the blog soon… stay tuned!

random food, random post.

September 30, 2008


  1. Run: Instead of going to Running Room, I ran on my own after getting home from work. My regular route is 6.4km and it’s a speedy way to get in a little exercise. While running, I saw a woman whose shoes still had a sticker/price tag stuck to the bottom. Please, please, please! Take the sticker/price tag off the bottom of your shoes! That goes for all of you!
  2. Home: Here is a picture of our new spice bar! Graham hung it up on the weekend, and I forgot to show you!
  3. Dinner: It’s me alone again tonight, and there wasn’t anything in the fridge for dinner. I debated on pancakes, but thought I should go a little healthier. Tada!
  4. (or 3b) Dinner, Part II: The egg was a little weird (soft boiled), so I chucked that and had a few crackers with PB. 
  5. Relaxing: Catching up on blogs, just about to start Amazing Race (PVR’d from Sunday night).
  6. What about you??

Slow Saturday

September 13, 2008

Graham’s off at the library and I am just getting the shopping list organized.

This morning we had crepes! Yum…

We don’t have much in the house for lunch, so for a little pick-me-up, I made myself a bowl of oats. On the stovetop! Very tasty, with banana, vanilla and a little brown sugar. 

I’m going out for an afternoon of shopping. See ya!