Well rounded meal

September 12, 2008

Before dinner, let’s talk about my lunch. My $1.80 lunch.

Normally, I pack my own. But last night, I didn’t really feel like it. Nor did I this morning. I’m lucky that my company has a cafeteria, which has fairly good food. I debated on soup, pizza, but just went for an easy sandwich. Toasted bread, turkey, mustard, tomato and lettuce. Total? $1.80. Yup, that’s all!

That’s not the best photo, but you can see what’s inside. It certainly hit the spot! I debated on something with it, but didn’t want anything too junky (cookie, chips, Rice Krispie Square), so I just had tea.

Last minute this afternoon, I made an appointment for a massage at 4:45. Another benefit of my company is a very healthy Health Spending Account, so I can have the cost reimbursed. I stopped quickly at home for some cereal and nuts, then went across the road. My massage felt amazing and I will not wait as long til the next one!

I snacked on just a few more nuts before Graham and I went over to Chapters. We perused the magazines a little – I may go back tomorrow and actually buy some! – before getting Swiss Chalet. Yum! That is where the post title comes from… and I am being sarcastic!

Yes, we had a tv dinner. We got one dinner with fries and the other with salad – so we each had half the fries, but Graham had almost all of the salad. He also eats my skin, which some people might say is the best part… the skin I eat is the little wing, because it’s so crispy! Anyway, enough chicken skin talk – it’s kind of gross if you think too hard about it!!

Now we are relaxing. Graham should be studying, but I think he might be sneaking Spider Solitaire again! We don’t know what’s up tomorrow, but it will include a nice weekend breakfast and a run! Hope you’re having a great Friday night!

PS – Speaking of breakfast… almond butter is everywhere! Kath had it today and now I really want to try it! We have lots of PB, so when we’re out of that, I will get some AB!