Daring Bakers Challenge!

August 31, 2008

So, this is my first month as a Daring Baker. I was very excited to get the challenge while on vacation at the Cape, so I had to wait awhile to start it. Then the weeks were busy, I went to Calgary, but I always had it on the back of my mind. I finally got down to it Monday night!

This month is hosted by Tony Tahhan and MeetaK. They chose Chocolate Eclairs by Pierre Herme. The recipe isn’t too long, but does have several steps.

First I made the eclairs. I had the same challenge as many other Daring Bakers, I think – my eclairs fell after taking them out of the oven.

Next I made the pastry cream. I actually should have asked Graham first before I started this. He is the biggest eclair fan. I am not joking. However: he only likes cream filled eclairs. I made the pastry cream, but something went wrong. Here, look at this:

Yuck. I don’t really know what happened! Ah well, it didn’t matter anyways. When I showed Graham, he said: “Well, I thought they were going to be cream filled. Can you make me cream filled ones instead?” So, I chucked my garbage pastry cream (too bad… waste of ingredients…) and filled them with cream.

Finally, the chocolate glaze. Yum! This worked out and was sooo tasty! I had to stop myself from eating it with a spoon!

And here is the finished product!

(eating eclairs, while studying for the LSATs!)

I had one that night, and it was tasty, but eclairs are actually the last type of dessert I’d choose… I like brownies, cake, pie, etc. better. But Graham was in heaven! He had three that night, one for breakfast the next day and then was sad when I hadn’t packed one for his lunch!

Overall, this went fairly well. I am looking forward to next month’s challenge! I hope to start it earlier this time, so that I can attempt it more than once! Check out Daring Bakers to see what everyone else made!