Where was I…

Graham and I had a great Saturday afternoon – took the subway downtown, walked lots, looked in shops, had a coffee pit-stop. Such a nice afternoon together.

We went to dinner at Graham’s parents’ last night and played with his adorable, 6 month old as of yesterday nephew. 

This morning we were up around 8:30. Breakfast was French Toast!


I had another third of a piece, as well as the other half of the banana. I think breakfast is my favourite meal – Graham and I relax, have coffee… it’s so nice.

We went out looking for more tree decorations. Here it is! (so far)


For lunch, we had leftovers of the salad that we took to Graham’s parents’ las night…


The recipe can be found here

We went back out to Mississauga today for a little visiting. Graham went home from there. He will be home this Friday for three weeks! We also booked our trip this afternoon: leaving New Years Eve for Stuttgart, Germany, St. Anton, Austria and Zitec, Czech Republic. I’ll fill you in on more tomorrow.

I was planning on going to the gym this evening, but got home around 8 and just wanted dinner. I had frozen stew with a piece of really tasty bread. And here is my new butter dish, too!



Cute, eh? $6.97 at Pottery Barn. His other ear is a little chipped, but you can hardly tell.

I’m now catching up on my Google Reader, enjoying hot chocolate and a clementine and watching Santa Claus 2 in the the background. Happy Sunday evening!


One Response to Where was I…

  1. HangryPants says:

    Aw, so cute. Good luck with getting more ornaments.

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