Meat eater

September 4, 2008

Good day today – and I am in a much better mood, thank goodness! I met Graham at the mall after work and we did a little shopping, for his sister’s birthday and for an engagement party. We came home and made a very speedy dinner of steak, leftover couscous and cucumber salad. The steak wasn’t the best – I’m not sure if it was the cut, or the fact that it had been frozen. 

My plate – I only ate about half the steak, then double the salad and couscous

Graham’s plate – yes, he did have something other than steak!

As a side note: this morning I had cereal for breakfast. First time in months, maybe a year. It was so not satisfying! I ate it so quickly and then it was gone! I had a peach too, but it just wasn’t enough. I had half a Larabar around 10:45. I think I will start back with oatmeal soon. It is almost fall!

Tomorrow night we are going to a birthday & anniversary party, so no posting til Saturday morning, probably. I’m hoping to do a little cooking and baking this weekend (along with US Open watching!), so I’ll have some good posts then!

Off to read New Moon. I am loving these books – I highly recommend them!

PS – Toronto International Film Festival has now started… I think we will go downtown on the weekend for some stargazing… night!