Warning: unhealthy dinner coming up

November 13, 2008

I bought an avocado at the store on the weekend. Yesterday, while buying the (unhealthy) ice cream at the store, I saw a display of (unhealthy) chips and the idea of chips and guacamole for dinner was born! I did have another goat cheese/pecan/pear salad, too.



By the way, this was one serving of chips (18). I might have had a few more before dinner, and a few after dinner…

I also had a toasted pumpkin muffin – yum!

Tomorrow’s Friday and what does that mean? $1.80 turkey sandwich from the caf (my Friday tradition). Oh ya, and Graham comes home. That’s a little better than a turkey sandwich. Very happy about that 🙂

Happy almost Friday!


Crack me up

September 27, 2008

September Daring Bakers

This month’s challenge was hosted by Natalie and Shel. The recipe was Lavash Crackers (check out their sites for the typed-out recipe – I am too lazy!) and the great thing about it was the personalization. Other than the basic recipe, the rest was up to us! As you can see, I went very plain for my crackers. I did half sesame seeds and half Fleur de Sel. For my dip, I totally took the lazy way out – straight avocado!

Here’s what happened: I actually made crackers three weeks ago.

But I forgot to moisten the top, so the seeds didn’t stick. I ate the crackers themselves, over the next few days. 

Then, today, I was reading blogs on Google Reader and saw some challenges already posted! I guess I lost track of the date, so realized that I needed to post asap. The crackers are really easy and fast to make, but at 9 o’clock on a Saturday night… all I want to do is sit like a lump and watch the tv! So, I just put out some avocado. A few crackers were my post-dinner snack…

Might have peach bread too! 🙂

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