Happy Hump Day

Totally forgot it was Wednesday! My boss reminded me that I should be getting ready for spinning at 4:45 – I was thinking Monday, I guess. Since we both work out, we remind each other to go and encourage each other to make it to the gym. It works well!

My sister came over after work to borrow my car back from me. We had an easy dinner of spaghettini with (frozen) homemade spaghetti sauce. For salad, we had a variation of the goat cheese salad from my potluck last week – romaine lettuce, pecans, pears, goat cheese and oil/vinegar dressing. Yum! Sorry, no pictures…

I needed to get cash back, so used that as an excuse to get some ice cream!


it was just a small taste, hence the hand.

This is President’s Choice Candy Cane ice cream. President’s Choice is another one of Loblaws’ brands – Tina @ Carrots n Cake had a guest post from Tania today all about Loblaws.

I also couldn’t resist a punkin muffin. I heated it and had without apple butter – just wanted the muffin.


Since I’m taking the subway and Viva to work tomorrow, I’ve got to get my bags all packed tonight. Should probably be leaving the house around 6:45… eep! Sounds early! Night!


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