Sarah alone = Sarah neurotic

Last night I most certainly had a snack!

And I most certainly had a second cookie! 🙂

While I was watching tv, the blinds on our big living room window were partially open. I’m just sitting there and suddenly a laser pointer is on the tv wall, moving around. I thought – hmm, very strange and weird. About 5 minutes later it happened again. I turned off the tv, turned off the lights, shut the blinds, then went back to the tv. I thought it was really weird, but I wasn’t all that freaked out. Until I went to bed, that is. Then, I started at the ceiling in fear! lol It was brutal! I fell asleep fairly quickly, thank goodness!

This morning, I woke up – fine, obviously! I went for a run, but because I was alone with no one to talk to, I thought about work the entire run. It was brutal! I couldn’t get my mind on anything else. This is where the blog title comes in – Sarah alone = Sarah neurotic!! Last night, with the laser pointer, then this morning and thinking of only work. So, I’ve tried to distract myself as much as possible. First, with breakfast.

Then, with the tv and computer.

I’m sitting at the table, with the tv turned towards me. And see the big picture window? That’s where the laser pointer was coming from, from the other building somewhere. Ok, I need to stop talking about that laser pointer!! I’m making myself sound crazy!!

One last note – I had tea with my breakfast this morning. That is because I don’t really know how to work our sophisticated coffee system. This is what it looks like:

See, I had the milk container and my cup and saucer all ready. But then I realized that I haven’t watched Graham use the new grinder (it’s the replacement one that we got on Wednesday). And after that, I was just too lazy to figure it out! So, it was tea instead. (By the way – the cappuccino maker is Graham’s most prized possession! He is coffee obsessed!)

Now I am off to Yorkdale to try and beat the crowds (though it’s a little later than I would have liked – will already be busy, I’m sure), then to the Beer Store for bottle returns, to the store for groceries and toiletries, etc… Then I’ll see! I’ve got to stop at my parents before the engagement party tonight, so I might do a little baking and cooking this afternoon, or watch a movie. See you for lunch!


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