Busy day!

September 21, 2008

Ok, I have many great photos to share with my loyal readers!

I drove down to the Yonge/Eglinton area to do some shopping. I stopped at Restoration Hardware, Toys R Us (for a birthday gift for Graham’s nephew), Kitchen Stuff Plus (picture of my new purchases coming!), Roots, Sporting Life… lots of looking, not too much buying. While out and about, I had a Granny Smith apple and a few bites of a Pistachio Larabar. It was good, but I just wasn’t in the mood…

Then I went to the grocery store. And here’s what I came back with – my first grocery trip photo!

I won’t bore you with the close-ups, but I will tell you that chicken breasts were on sale, so I got two packages. And milk was buy 1, get 1, so I got 2! lol (and, by the way, I picked up oatmeal, peaches, blueberries, apples, cheese and a few things that I’m forgetting yesterday…)

I goofed around on the internet a little and snacked on a little TJ trail mix, with the last few Life. Not too exciting – it’s like my standard snack these days!

Next up was baking. As I mentioned, I saw many good recipes over at Closet Cooking and I happened to buy peaches yesterday… so Peach Bread it was!

My banana obviously wasn’t ripe, but I figured since I was only using one, and it wasn’t the focus of the recipe (like, if it were Banana Bread, not Peach Bread), it would be ok. Finished product coming up!

Then, after the bread finished, I started on dinner. Graham called to say he was an hour away and wanted a chicken salad for dinner, so I put three breasts in the oven – we’ll eat the other two after Running Room on Tuesday. I made myself a quick dinner – but an excellent one! Quesadillas! With photos! Exclamation Mark!

And tada! My new purchases! A vanilla scented candle and new placemats! Now, I have a story for both. Graham has always said that candles are a waste of money and space… you just get too many and you don’t want them and they’re not good for anything. But Graham said the other day that we should have a candle! And, as I think I’ve told you before, Graham believes in only having cork-backed placemats. I was a rebel today, so we’ll see what he says when he gets home. But these ones are really pretty! Much more suitable for fall, over the sunflowers. What do you think?? Can’t we have a place on our table for fabric and cork-backed placemats?? I think so too.

Now, the final photo of the evening – the Peach Bread!

Rough, right out of the oven! Should have re-plated it, but ah well. It’s the somewhat ugly side to baking – a round cookie sheet and lots of crumbs! But, it’s tasty and that is the most important part!

Told ya – giant post! I’m watching the Emmy’s for now, but I’m actually waiting for Graham to get home because I have so much to tell him. Are you dreading Monday like I am? Enjoy the last few hours of weekend freedom! 🙂