My horse’s rear end

Food blog? What food blog? Today’s post is all about horses.


This past Saturday. Graham and I went trail riding. It was part of his birthday gift last year. Given that he’s about to have another birthday in about 3 weeks. we figured it was time to go! The stables were at a conservation area about a half an hour from our apartment. We went for 12, but that ride was full so we ate our lunch and walked around a little, waiting for the 1 o’clock ride. 


Hence the post title. This was an over-the-shoulder shot that didn’t really work.


Much better! 


While the scenery wasn’t all that picturesque, we did see about a dozen deer, not phased in the slightest when we rode* by.

* Disclaimer: these horses were slow. A toddler could walk faster. But I liked it anyway! 🙂

Regular food programming to resume shortly. Night y’all!


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