3 Excellent Kitchen Adventures

This morning wasn’t really an adventure, per se, but certainly a tasty meal!

I decided to make crepes for breakfast. Such a great way to start a Sunday!


Times four or five, plus fruit salad and coffee. YUM! 🙂

Dinner was a recipe that I found on Closet Cooking. Kevin’s recipes are always fairly straightforward and Graham and I have been wanting to try different things.

Chicken and Cashew Curry


We didn’t have white rice, so we used gnocci instead… not very authentic, but we made do! Next time, I would use less water to make the sauce a little thicker. It was spicy, but good spicy… I needed my water glass!

Then, after dinner, I made Irish Soda Scuffins. I love Sarah‘s food posts, but also her photos of California. I’d love to spend more time in her area.


I’m a big fan of scones and tea biscuits – thanks Sarah!

Hope you had a very nice Sunday and enjoy the rest of the evening. Night! 🙂


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