Food & Random Thoughts

After work yesterday, I went out to Milestone’s near work for the goodbye party of a colleague. It was really fun – about 20 or 25 people were there. I’m lucky my colleagues like socializing together and there’s always lots of laughs. I had a beer and some chips with dip and sweet potato fries.

I wasn’t super-hungry, so just made a small dinner. Those are little banana sandwiches… banana with PB and granola. So tasty!


Yup, had to get my feet in, too!

I was home from work around 5, deciding to Shred instead of run. I am 100% sick of the treadmill. I am not motivated at all. I need to run outside! It’s going to warm up for the next while, but will be rainy, so hopefully Graham and I can get out together!!!

Since it was still light out when I got home, I decided to take some kitchen pics.


I love our Ikea set up… I’d highly recommend a butcher block counter for anyone who needs extra counter space. We chop right on it (fruit and veggies, not meat) and it’s so handy for prep work.


Our “colours”… apple green and red!!

Dinner tonight was left over from lunch. I went out with the girls from work for thai and had chicken pad thai… yum! It was so tasty, but huge! It made a great, fast dinner. I’m going to look up pad thai. I’d love to make it myself… would be a great meal for Friday night (no meat) if we did shrimp pad thai.


I’ll leave you with this random thought… I LOVE JanSport! I’ve had a JanSport backpack since the end of high school. Believe it or not… I bought it at Macy’s in 2001 when Graham and I were in NYC. We had been dating only a few months and we went to New York to visit his sister and godmother. Anyway, that’s another story! So, the zipper broke while we were in Europe in January. Knowing of JanSport’s lifetime warranty, I called and got all the directions for a repair. A month or so later, the repair shop mailed it back to me, with a new zipper… all free of charge!!! So, if you need a backpack, I highly recommend JanSport!


Night, all!


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  1. The JanSport company sounds awesome!

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