Amazing Race Dinner

Evening, all! Hope your Monday was smooth and enjoyable.

I saw a great idea on Liz’s blog… Amazing Race-themed dinners! Since I was sick-ish last week, I hadn’t made the first meal yet. Tonight, I combined Germany/Austria/Switzerland by enjoying spaetzle!



I made a sauce with garlic, peal onions, stock and apricot jam. I also added some dried herbs. This was a sauce, Graham-style… it wasn’t too saucy, but still good!

I was in the mood for cookies and remembered oatmeal-raisin cookies from a few days ago. Deb does not disappoint!


YUM! I just happen to be enjoying a few right now! I will bring the rest to work tomorrow.

Oh, forgot to mention that I had a great 10k run today! I was super-energized and the time seemed to fly by! I am behind on my February goal, because of being sick last week. That’s ok… I’m going to try to bang out as many kms as I can this week. And… I have started thinking about my upcoming races. I’m thinking Mississauga 10k (early May), then the 15k Bread and Honey (early June). Then… a half in the early fall, I think!

Hope you have a great evening. Relax with some cookies, like me! 🙂



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