Time together is the best time

We had a busy two days together! Leaving off with yesterday’s scone breakfast…

WIth Graham’s parents, we went up to Terra Cotta Conservation Area for a hike. We were out for about two hours. Up that way anyway, we stopped at Al Ferri’s to get some frozen berries – raspberries this time. Frozen fruit is so handy to have in the freezer.

We were home around 5 and had to make a quick dinner – we were at the opera last night! We both really enjoyed the performance of Fidelio. Taking the subway down and back, we were home around 11, I think.

Up today to waffles! [Will post the recipe next time, in case you have a waffle iron!] That’s a little bowl of raspberries on the side.

Next, it was off to the grocery store for a quick shop and then off to the basketball game!


My company has a box and this is the second time I’ve gone. One of my team mates was also there with her husband and kids. We had lots of laughs! Oh, and some pizza and a beer, too!


Graham and I aren’t really basketball fans… and Graham also really wanted to go to the auto show. But he was a great sport and came with me and I think had fun!

As is the usual, unfortunate, tradition… Graham had to get ready for Sarnia late this afternoon. We got his food all organized… dry pancake ingredients for Tuesday, spaghetti sauce, fruits and veggies. He went to his parents’ for dinner, but I stayed here for a low-key Oscar night.


Easy-peasy dinner! I really wanted roasted Brussels sprouts and sweet potato… but, the green pepper and cherry tomatoes needed eating, so quesadilla it was.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


2 Responses to Time together is the best time

  1. Natalie D says:

    sounds like a great weekend! the waffles (and berries) look amazing!

  2. hareandtortoise says:

    Thanks! I’m going to post the recipe soon. It’s really simple, but tasty!

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