Joy followed by tears

When we started stripping and re-spraying my dresser, my jewelry had no home. I normally keep it on top of my dresser, in sort of a random way. A few days ago, I looked for my Tiffany heart necklace [high school graduation present from my parents], but couldn’t find it. Last night, I remembered again and hunted hi and low for it. After a really good search, I came to the conclusion that I left it on the treadmill last week. 

With sort of a heavy heart, I stopped into the gym this morning to ask if anyone had turned it in. Well… it was my luck because she had it!


This is my new jewelry storage method…


I sort of stole the idea from Sherry, but her egg carton is so much nicer!


My workday ended really, really poorly. I’m not really comfortable explaining work things on the blog, but suffice it to say, I was pretty upset. I called Graham, trying to keep my tearful voice low. It was late so many people were already gone, including my manager. She will be 100% supportive when I explain what happened, so I’m anxious to talk to her about it in the morning. I managed to eek out a solid 9k run – time actually passed very quickly!

Home for dinner…


Sorry for the poor lighting… ate at my computer. The Brussels sprouts were tasty as usual – I love roasted veggies!! I also had cherry tomatoes and melted cheese on toast.

I’m now settled in to watch another episode of The Mentalist… love it! I’m on episode 3. 

Finally… I discovered iGoogle again. It’s the best! I only need one window open and can see my gmail, reader, news headlines. Perfect for work.

TGI(almost)F, all! It’s been a rough week, but we’re almost done. Night! 🙂


2 Responses to Joy followed by tears

  1. Hangry Pants says:

    I have that necklace!

    To store necklazes I put nails in the wall and hang them on the nails.

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