Wonderful Weekend Recap

Good morning all and happy Family Day (if you’re an Ontario reader, that is)! My apologies for not posting last night, as I said I would. I have been battling a stomach bug for going on a week now and just had zero energy last night. I am feeling better today, so here was my weekend!


I did take the afternoon off after all. I mean, I have all this vacation tine – why not use it? Especially when Graham’s home. We went down to his sister’s and picked up the primed dresser. We will paint it in the spring, so for now, it’s white again. But, the paint sprayer did an awesome job! 

We went over to the bank to speak to an advisor about RRSP and met this awful, awful man. He just did not know what he was talking about. He also called us “the lady” and “the gentleman” to each other. Weird!! We totally felt like we’d wasted 45 minutes of a perfect Friday afternoon! We ended up coming home and crunching the numbers ourselves…

For dinner, we hummed and hawed until about 9 o’clock. Yes, we’re poor decision makers. So, we went to Loblaws for wings from the take-out counter. But after 9, they package whatever is left into containers. The containers were too large and too expensive, but the employee told us that at 9:30, they are half off. We sauntered around the store, found some fillet mignon on sale for V-Day dinner and went back to the counter around 9:25. Well, he’d obviously just put the 50% stickers on and we’d just missed getting wings because a woman put ALL the wings in her cart. Yes, she cleaned out the counter of ALL the wings. Graham was so mad! He said he was going to steal a box from her cart if she left it unattended because there was no way she would eat all those wings that night. But, of course, she went right to check out. It was really kind of funny… I’m smiling now thinking of the irony!

We ended up going for takeout at Ichiban…


I think I had two additional California rolls and you can see the beer at the top. I also snacked on chocolate chips (v. bad!) while watching Four Weddings and a Funeral. I think I saw 1.5 weddings and then fell asleep! 🙂


We had a simple breakfast because we were going to lunch at my sister’s house-sitting house.


I tried to make a heart with syrup, but it didn’t really work… [sidenote: I’m not sure I can eat Cream of Wheat anymore… I get to the last few spoons in the bowl and my stomach just seems to say ‘no’. Strange, eh?]

We went for lunch at 12:45. The house had lots of cool features – best of all, an amazing home gym! I wish I could have that… a bowflex, treadmill, free weights… plus a large flat screen tv! Oh, don’t forget the 60 inch upstairs in the tv room, either! Graham spent the rest of the weekend deciding if we should buy the new sofa with our tax refund and could we get a tv too… lol

I got in 5.4 miles before dinner, which felt good! I was anticipating going all out at dinner and knew I needed some pre-sweat…



We had oysters, fillet mignon with pepper sauce, baguette and salad. Yum! I didn’t actually eat that much… probably 4 oysters, my portion of the steak and 4 pieces of bread. My stomach didn’t want the salad. 


Dobos for dessert… Graham’s favourite! I ate about 3/4 of the piece (and G ate the rest for breakfast!).


Now it was time for our weekend breakfast!


Two pieces, plus a heart

Around noon, we set out for the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg. We really enjoyed looking at the art and the setting is really nice. 

Home around 5, Graham made stirfry for his lunches and dinners this week, while I lay down. I really wasn’t feeling the best. He left for Sarnia around 7 and I spent the night on the sofa. Dinner was a soft-boiled egg with a toasted English muffin. Not much to it. I just sort of felt like garbage. I was in bed at 10:30.

That was the weekend, in a nutshell! Hope you had a great one and even better if you are off today, like me! 🙂


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