Quick & Easy (post & dinner)

Yup, just a simple evening around here.



For this evening’s meal, I had sweet potato fries, bok choy (with a little maple syrup on top for added flavour) and a piece of pork roast that Graham made yesterday morning. Filling, satisfying and healthy!


After work, I hit the gym for a great run. I think the new songs on my iPod helped! I ran 9.5km (8.5 run, 1 walk), or thereabouts. I forget the exact amount. I ran faster than I normally do, to a max. pace of 13km/hr. Had I known it was 9 outside, I would have enjoyed the balmy weather instead! But, oh well, it was a good workout (abs at the end).


I’ve been thinking a lot about my running goals. I really enjoy running with Graham and am looking forward to the warmer weather when we can run together on the weekends. Look for my goals and races soon!


It’s nearly hump day… yay! Graham will be home Thursday morning/evening depending on what the engineers have to work that day. And, I’m taking Friday off. We haven’t decided what we’re doing yet for the long weekend. We’ll see!

Night all! 🙂


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