Monday in photos


Evening, all! That’s what greeted me when I got home… aww, I was so happy! I’m on my own ’til Thursday, so it was nice seeing that note.

I’ve enjoyed a very relaxing evening at home. I wasn’t feeling the hottest at work today – stomach in knots since about noon. I didn’t think the gym was the best idea, so I was home around 5 o’clock. Early, eh?

I took advantage of the natural light for some photography experiments.




I didn’t actually eat the muffin… just used it for photography purposes!

Around 7:30, I made a quick dinner, using the leftover chicken and leftover (stale-ish) baguette. Not the tastiest sandwich ever… but I’m making up for it with dessert!



I’ve now enjoyed said muffin, with two cups of hot chocolate. I think I am sugared out for now! Did some more cooking/baking tonight, which you’ll see tomorrow.

Time to catch up on dinners from all my favourite bloggers. Night all!

Did anything special happen on your Monday? For me, it was the note! That’s a good start to the week.


One Response to Monday in photos

  1. Hangry Pants says:

    Love the natural light photos. Pretty flowers!

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