Sunday with the paint sprayer

Great day, lots of good food!


Two and a half for me and three for Graham – the third was still getting crispy. Don’t want you to think that the Tortoise eats more than the Hare! 😉

We went down to Graham’s sister’s around noon. There, we went for a walk with her and the boys and sprayed the dresser (just the primer). Wow, it was messy! We’re going to wait ’til spring to actually spray the colour. It’s just too messy to be done in the garage, so we need to wait to do it outside. At their house, I had two muffins (very tasty – banana oat with Craisins and chocolate chips… the dense kind of muffin).

Dinner tonight was roast chicken! Oh, and roasted sweet potato and brussels sprouts on the side, with baguette. My kind of meal! Graham’s working the afternoon shift this week, so I’m lucky to have him home tonight, ’til tomorrow morning. He made the chicken, I did the veggies.



Ok, and a few more pieces of bread!

Now in the muffin mood, I decided to try out my new silicone baking cups from Crate & Barrel…


Aren’t they cute?!?

I will show you a photo of one up close tomorrow! 🙂

* Make sure to check out Angela’s Valentine’s Day contest. She’s extended the deadline, so make sure to get your entry in on time!

Hope you had a great weekend! Ready for Monday!?!


One Response to Sunday with the paint sprayer

  1. luckytastebuds says:

    hi! I just found your blog and really love the pictures you take! I’m the same way with loving food but trying to make smart/good choices when I eat out. 🙂 I love that you try new dishes and somehow your meals always look so tasty!!

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