Saturday in the City

Yesterday started with breakfast for one – Graham stayed over at his parents’ so it was just me.

img_2644(sorry for the blur…)

I went to Ikea and Yorkdale and got home just in time to change for our Winterlicious lunch. 

We went to Auberge du Pommier with our friend, Kerry. It’s only a 5 minute drive from our house. We were meant to go in the summer, but the power was out that night… so, we tried again this time!

The interior of the restaurant is beautiful, but I only took a few photos.

Graham & Kerry




Here was what I had:

Rillette de Lapin
rabbit rillette with cornichon & moutarde sauvage

Poulet Rôti
roast chicken with creamy cornmeal polenta, woodland mushrooms & Maderia jus 

Pain d’Epices 
warm spiced cake with orange cranberry sauce & frozen crème fraîche 

Sorry, forgot to get the appetizer photo before eating it!

We had a great meal – the chicken was amazing! I don’t think the photo of dessert does it justice because the cake was so moist and flavourful. The restaurant was beautiful and I’d love to go back, non-Winterlicious.

The afternoon was spent with folding laundry, going to three stores for paint, and then starting my dresser at Graham’s sister’s house. 

Around 7, we left and went grocery shopping. $55 for the week – pretty good! Dinner was pizza. Yum!


I had three of my four pepperoni slices, plus the crust off a fourth. Then, two oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. 

Back later with a Sunday recap!


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