Clean home & tasty food

Yup, that was pretty much the day! Lots of cleaning and lots of cooking (and baking).

We started the day with a usual weekend breakfast…


After that, we got down to business. I cleaned the bathroom, did three loads of laundry, swept, made the bed… probably more things, but I don’t remember now! Graham made meals for this week, washed the floors, took out the recycling. We were busy ’til about 3:30!

For lunch, I had a simple sandwich.


The taste was a little off, and I didn’t enjoy this as much as I thought I would. I think it might have been the aoli spread…?

We went out to Mississauga for dinner Graham’s parents’ house. I didn’t take a photo, but should have… since we are trying to save our pennies, I cut Graham’s hair. It looks good! His parents have clippers and I used the 1/2″ guard. He has a cute long-ish buzz cut now!

We had lamb, roasted potatoes and broccoli with his parents and sister and her baby. 

Now home, I’m watching the second half of the Men’s Final – Australian Open. I already know who wins [spoiler! Nadal], but that’s ok. I’m also enjoying this…


Remember my banana bread debacle from Thursday? Well, I tried again! I wanted to give half to Graham to take back to Sarnia, so this time I paid attention to my tester and made sure it was done. Took awhile, but it was worth it!

Hope you had a great weekend and don’t mind starting the week ahead. Got to get to my Google Reader now… night all!


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