I’m baack!

Sorry for being MIA this weekend. We were busy and I just didn’t take too many photos… Here’s a recap!


Started the day with 30 Day Shred. Excellent kick off to the day! 

Changed up breakfast, with PB toast!


Lunch was nothing special and no picture 🙂

After work, I struggled through 7.2km (6.4 run, .8 walk) because my legs were too sore from 30 Day Shred. Curse you, Jillian Michaels!

Once home, Graham and I lounged a little, then made a quick stirfry using all the veggies we had, as well as leftover spaghetti. Graham makes the best stirfry and we ate in front of the TV, with a bottle of wine. Cookies (3… oops) followed later when I was a little too into the wine…



Graham wanted pancakes to fill his tummy before a half day of skiing and snowboarding, but we were almost out of AP flour. I mixed whole wheat and they were ok. Not great. We also had to rush, so it wasn’t the most enjoyable breakfast. They were a little misshapen, so no photos will appear. Sorry!

We went to Mount St. Louis Moonstone for a half day with Graham’s dad. For lunch, I had a slice of leftover pizza. It was soo cold… I wore my normal ski clothes, but was cold all over all afternoon. The skiing was great, though – hardly anyone was there! We stopped in for hot chocolate and gummi bears mid-afternoon.

Dinner was at Graham’s parents… beef fondue with salad, garlic bread and wine. Excellent meal! We also saw his sisters, brother-in-law and 2 of 3 nephews, so it was a fun evening.


This morning we had a simple Cream of Wheat breakfast, with fruit salad on the side. I seem to want fruit all the time these days, which is definitely a good thing. I cut up whatever we have (today – clementines, apples and kiwi) and then add a splash of OJ.


We were busy bees this morning – laundry, cleaning, banking. Graham wrapped up lots of small things that he had on his list. After that was dropping an envelope off at his accountant’s office, taking skis/snowboard in for tuning, groceries, the bank. While out in the car, I had a Kashi Peanut Peanut Butter bar and an apple. 

I needed another snack when we got home because it hadn’t really been a real lunch. I had Kashi crackers with hummus and a few cherry tomatoes. Oh – also stole some of Graham’s popcorn. Maybe a cup? 🙂 He (sadly) went back to Sarnia around 5 o’clock. He’ll be back for the weekend, but I’m still sad. I liked having him home all these weeks!

I went down to the gym, hoping for a run, but the treadmill was busy. I hopped on the elliptical instead. I haven’t done that in probably a year, but knocked off 20 minutes quickly! Next time, I’ll set it for a little harder, I think, but it was a nice treadmill break. I did some abs down in the gym, but then came back upstairs for another 30 Day Shred session. 

Dinner was easy and perfect for a cold winter’s weekend… roasted veggies and butternut squash soup.



Looking for a way to spice up this week’s lunches, I thought granola for my yogurt might be good. I remembered Kath’s granola… Here it is pre-bake:


I’ll show you a post-bake photo when I have some!

I guess that’s all for this evening. I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow 😦 We had a great weekend and I always hate when it ends. Especially when I have to sleep on my own for the first time in 5 weeks. I think I’ll be lonely! I have the SAG Awards on in the background right now, so I think I’ll blog a little longer. Stay tuned…


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