Celebrations all around


Says it all…


Had a company lunch today at a fantastic restaurant – Terra. They pre-ordered the appetizers – mixed plates of tuna tartar, quail, scallops, tomato & mozzarella… everything was delicious, but I tried not to overload. I also had two pieces of bread. For my meal, I had shrimp and scallops (2 of each) on thin noodles with julienned veggies. I didn’t eat all of the noodles, but the scallops were amazing. Afterwards, there was cheese. Yum, to all of it. Oh, and a small glass of red. Yum to that, too.


It is my dad’s birthday today, so we had a pizza party! I had two and a half fairly large slices, with Caesar salad. I ate way too many (homemade) croutons right from the salad bowl. You can see dessert above. Oh, don’t forget about the glass of white and the glass of sparkling wine. Yum to that, too.


I feel like a blimp. My toes are a little swollen (the wine, I think) and I have had my fare share of big meals this week. Lots of wine, lots of dessert. My workouts have been lacking, too, which is a bad combo… This is why I haven’t posted my resolution post yet. I had some things in mind, but I feel a little down on myself. Maybe a resolution post is exactly what I need to get things going. 


Ending on a positive note… 30 Day Shred was great this morning! I did level 1 to the end, then rewound and did the last three minutes again (just to add a little more to the workout). The plan tomorrow is Shred in the morning (level 1 again), then run after work. 

Time for some Google Reader – got to see what my favourite bloggers have been up to on their Thursday. Night, all!


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