Happy hump day

Started today off with the last muffin of the bunch, as well as fruit salad from last night’s dessert. The frozen blueberries turned everything… BLUE!


I had a massage after work today. Now, you’d think that would be relaxing, soothing. However, I am the most ticklish client my therapist has ever seen. She wonders if I enjoy any of the 45 minutes because I am giggling, flinching. I do enjoy it. It’s a nice way to just relax. Sort of. Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with massages… erm, being touched in general…? lol

I previewed last night’s purchase after I got home.


Note: I didn’t actually do a workout… just watched it to see what it’s like. I have been a little lazy the past few days! But, tomorrow we have a work lunch, and then it’s my dad’s birthday dinner, so I need a workout to burn off some of those good eats. I plan to do two sessions back to back – 2 x Level 1, or else Level 1 and Level 2. Full verdict tomorrow night! I’ll be up at 6, so I should really get going.

I made chocolate chip cookies for my boss, who is going away for the weekend on Friday. I’ve put together packages for my grandparents, Graham’s sister, for my other colleagues and the last one has a sticky note that reads “Graham – eat”.


Quickly to dinner: a repeat of Monday night.


And dessert 🙂


Bonne nuit mes amis.


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