Saturday & Sunday Recap

Hmm… where was I? Had just eaten breakfast, I think, changed the blog layout and did some banking…

I met my parents at Costco around 11:30. No picture, but I bought Twinings Earl Gray tea (need to get that in bulk!), hummus, canned salmon, a Jodi Piccoult novel and the latest Rachael Ray magazine. I went looking for an external hard drive, but couldn’t make up my mind. I think I know what I want now, though, so a trip back is in order!

We (all four of us!) visited my grandparents in the afternoon, arriving in three cars. First, my mum and me. Then my sister. Then my dad. We had tea and cookies and enjoyed a really nice visit. My grandfather is looking great – healthy and mobile!

Back at my parents, I had a mug of hot chocolate and half a PB sandwich while watching The Duchess with my sister. We bough enjoyed it – eye opening at times! I won’t soil it if you haven’t seen it, but do recommend it! For dinner, my mum picked up Swiss Chalet. It’s nice hanging out, the four of us! Before I left, we played a game of “Guess this TV Theme Song”, using my sister’s iPhone and You Tube. We laughed so much, trying to stump each other! I set out about 8:30, to very snowy roads.

The scene today looked like this…


Well, that doesn’t look too snowy, does it?!? Believe me – it looked so pretty looking out the window, to see all the snowflakes.

While in the shower, I baked up some muffins.

img_2530I was having a hard time with lighting this morning, but this was as good as it got. After mixing the berries, I had beautiful purple yogurt! The muffin was made from a bran mix, with Craisins added in. 

I watched last week’s CSI (good bye Grissom! sniff…) over breakfast and fiddled around ’til about 11:30 when I set out for the grocery store. I picked up lots of good things for this week, especially lunches. 



This was a tasty sandwich! The sourdough was obviously fresh from the morning and was so soft. Inside there’s spinach, tomato, prosciutto and goat cheese. I enjoyed every bite! After lunch came a little dessert, while watching Rendition. 


I went out shopping for an hour or so and came back with this…


Do you like it??? I hope Graham does, because I want it to be the jumping off point for the bedroom. We’re going to paint my dresser and we need art above the bed. We have a red and green theme throughout the house… I’ll make that a post sometime soon!

I had planned on the gym this late afternoon, but my heart just wasn’t into it. What can I say… I feel a little under the weather and blue today. I think just relaxing what was I needed instead. I put veggies in to roast (inspired by Kath’s dinner) around 6:15 and had dinner promptly at 7.


The veggies were perfectly roasted. The mix of sweet potato and brussels sprouts made for a filling meal, with some bread, tomatoes and cheese (Comte) as well.

Graham called to say he won’t be home ’til tomorrow, so it’s another quiet night. I’m going to get another cup of tea and stretch out on the sofa.

Get ready for Monday… 🙂

Edited to add: while stretching out on the sofa and catching up on some blogs, I’ve come across Angela’s contest. No matter where you’re from, you can have a chance to win. Go over and put your name in the hat!


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