Happy Weekend!

I’m happy to be sitting around, wondering what to do with the rest of my day… I love Saturdays!

Yesterday I successfully ate less and moved more. After a really boring day at work (couldn’t concentrate on any one task and felt really jumpy all day), I ran my little heart out! 9km run, followed by a cool down walk, for a total of 10.05km. Felt good!

I did a little cleaning at the apt. before going over to the mall. There’s a sidewalk sale going on, so I looked around a little, but I really went to get dinner.


That’s a California roll on the left and unagi with avocado on the right. At the top is water and a gin and tonic. A very strong gin and tonic! I wanted a drink with dinner, but because I was alone, didn’t want to open a whole bottle of wine. I guess I poured a little too much gin… I was asleep very early on the sofa! Well, not before this…


I’ve been a busy bee this morning, taking out the recycling and a stack of old magazines, cleaning the bedroom (including tidying the closet) and had breakfast around 9.


This was a big breakfast! I think my eyes were big this morning. In the end, I ate the entire waffle (carb-o-holic), but left some of the apple (a little too chalky) and half of the coffee. I was proud of myself for making one without the master at home, but it tasted a little off… not sure why.

I’ve got 30 Minute Meals on in the background and I’ve got to do some banking before going out to Mississauga. My parents are going to take me to Costco… can’t wait. See you later!

PS – Did you see Kath‘s post this morning?? It made me think of the day we had onion-y Cream of Wheat because the flavour was still on the bowls from soup the night before. Ick!


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