All out Thursday (in a bad way)

Ayayaye, and feeling like a sausage Friday.

Here’s a rundown of my eats:

– Oatmeal & tea (normal)

– Wwwwaaaaayyyyy too many animal crackers (wasn’t even really hungry, either) & coffee (gave me the jitters because I haven’t had drip since before Christmas

– Peanut butter and jam toasted sandwich & an apple (normal)

After work snack
– Wwwwaaaaayyyyy too much bits & bites mix & some chips

– Friends came over and Graham made mozerella-stuffed breaded chicken, gnocci with a mushroom sauce; our friends brought salad (had two bowls) and wine (had a huge glass)
– For dessert, had one small cookie, two Rocky Road brownies (somewhere on this blog… will find link and edit later) and lots of brownie scraps as I was cleaning the kitchen

So, all in all, I feel icky. Have to watch what I have this weekend and get back on track.

Sorry to be a drag. Happy Friday!!! Hope you have fun plans for today and the rest of the weekend. See you later for dinner and my relaxing night!


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