Will that be dinner for one?

Why, yes it will!


Couldn’t have been easier, or tastier!

Cooks Illustrated suggested drying the bread in a 300 degree oven for 15 minutes or so, then letting the bread cool before dunking. Or, that was their first suggestion, at least. I tried this with two of the slices and just took the last one straight from the bread bag. I liked the consistency of the dried bread better – it was less soggy, just as they said. Normally with French toast, if I think of it, I will leave the bread out overnight. It does manage to stale itself. The oven technique was great for if I forget. If you are a French toast fan too, try it and let me know what you think!

Wanted to mention that I had a mentally tough run at the gym today, but I did manage a 7kn run, plus a walk, for a total of 8.02km. Are you still waiting on a resolution post?? It’s coming – I promise! Graham will be away this weekend, so I’m planning a blog-fest.

Finally: any Lipstick Jungle fans out there?? I just watched the January 9th episode tonight and I fear that may end up being the last one. I am a fan of the characters, the storylines, the fashion… please don’t end so soon!!

We’re in bed already – Graham with a huge cold. He’s sniffling and hacking every two minutes. Wish my sanity good luck.


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