Winter Vacation – Days 5 & 6

[Insomniac strikes again… I’ve been awake since about 5, worrying about a few work things. I decided to just get up, and stop tossing and turning and disturbing Graham.]

Hello again! Two days of skiing wrapped into one, because I was too tired last night! We had a great day of skiing yesterday – pure sunshine all day long. We skied in both Lech and Zuers yesterday, stopping for lunch in Lech. It’s really posh there – where some European royalty go to ski!



Graham had goulash, but it hadn’t arrived at the table yet.

We tried to get back to Lech for the end of the day, but didn’t make a lift. We took the bus from Zuers to Lech to get the car, then drove back home. After quickly changing, we brought the computer to St. Anton for a little blog and email time. You saw how short my post was – the internet was really expensive, so I just wanted to write for a second. We bought groceries in St. Anton to make dinner with, then to have for breakfast and lunch.

For dinner, we had spaetzle with cream and shallot sauce and Brussels sprouts on the side. We consumed lots of beer and shared our afternoon snack for dessert!




This morning was a little cloudy when we woke up. We weren’t sure how the skiing would be. Today we skied from Stuben (where we are staying), to St. Cristoph, then to St. Anton, then around St. Anton and back. The best part of the day was when we took this little gondola up to the highest peak. It was pretty scary! Graham’s funny because he’s afraid of heights.

img_2126(The streak was a smear on the gondola’s window.)


Back to food. Oh, first breakfast, but it was simple – yogurt with granola and fruit. For lunch, we had salami and cheese, so bought bread in St. Anton. After making our way back up the mountain, we stopped for hot chocolate (for me) and Jaegertea for Graham (tea with Jaeger, I guess!)


img_2121That bread was soooo good! I could eat it at every meal, for every meal! Yes, I am a total bread nut.


I ended my day sort of early (around 3:15), but Graham skied right ‘til the end.



We’re relaxing now, trying to decide what to do tonight…


So, here is what we ended up doing: we saw advertised a toboggan run at 8pm. You were supposed to meet in the centre of town, take a lift up and then toboggan down a ski hill. Graham really wanted to do that, so we ate an early dinner at a nice restaurant a few towns over. I had schnitzel and fries – very tasty and hit the spot just right with a beer.




We raced home, got all dressed in winter gear and practically ran into town. Unfortunately, we never saw the group. Maybe because it was a holiday…? Maybe because we were a few minutes late…? We had a leisurely walk back up to Haus Iton and set about planning our next two days. 



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