Graham is the best cook ever!

Quick post because I am exhausted! Three days x waking up at 5am = tired Sarah.

Graham was so sweet this morning and put his arms around me in bed when I stated at 5:08 that I couldn’t sleep because of a problem at work that I was worrying about. Then, he got up around 7 to eat breakfast with me and make me coffee, for the second day in a row. I love eating breakfast together.


The reason our breakfast set-up is messed up (me on the right, on a weird angle, Graham on the inside part of the table) is because of this…


Our table is still mid-French polish. It’s going to be done soon, though, and I can post some before/after shots. It’s so glossy now!

On to the best part of my day – dinner. Well, first I did have a pretty good 7.42km run. And then I stopped at the bank [crossed one item of my to-do list]. And then I snacked on Pringles and nuts once home – yum.

But dinner really was the best!



Dinner was concocted from an idea for a chicken dish with spaetzle. My stay-at-home chef hadn’t defrosted any chicken, though. So, he experimented and it turned out so well! First, he fried shallots with garlic. Then I didn’t really see the next steps, but later it had cream, homemade chicken stock, Madiera and quince jam added to it, as well as parsley. There were dried herbs as well. Finally, he added some chicken cooked earlier in the afternoon, which was supposed to be for soup. So, we did have chicken after all, although it wasn’t the main feature of the dish.

I must have said “this is so good” about 10 times over dinner. I wish I had been paying better attention to ingredients and amounts, because I know I haven’t been very descriptive. Just know that I though it was excellent and I am lucky to have an adventurous cook at home.

Dessert was one (ok two) bowls of candy cane ice cream. As part of my freezer clean-out plan, someone’s gotta eat it up!


You can see my to-do list in the background. I am still planning on a resolution post, so hopefully tomorrow. It might include not procrastinating and making better lists. Ironic. 🙂

Here’s hoping for a full, satisfying night of sleep tonight. Good night!


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