Back to work with breakfast for two

Up at 5:30 again this morning! The agony… I got up pretty much right away, made a dent in my Google Reader (almost all caught up!), then got ready for work. Graham was sort of awake as well, so he got up and offered to make me coffee. An offer I couldn’t refuse.


Check out this coffee! I am lucky to live with a total aficionado and this was a great start to my back to work Monday morning.


Work-out today was 8.02km run, followed by some abs. I’m really interested in all the weights and abs work-outs that I see posted on other blogs. Tomorrow, if I don’t fall asleep at 9:30 on the sofa like I did tonight, I want to read them more thoroughly and see what I can adapt for myself.

We had dinner at the coffee table tonight because…

Hmmm… WordPress has chosen this moment to act up. I can’t seem to post anymore photos right now. 

What I was going to show is that Graham is French polishing the dining table, so it’s out of use for the time being. We had a couscous salad with sausage for dinner that was made on the fly and fit my check-list – fast, used up a freezer item, easy to eat from the coffee table.

I have to admit that I had Pringles and some nuts before dinner, then ice cream and a few gummy bears after. 


Tomorrow night I’ll post a few more days of the trip. I think my computer needs a rest, as do I.

Good night and see you soon!


One Response to Back to work with breakfast for two

  1. hangrypants says:

    I am v. Jealous of your coffee!

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